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The Nativity

Continuing our work on caring for babies, we have linked this focus with learning all about the story of the first Christmas, and how the songs from our nativity play fit into this special story.

As well as much singing practice and trying on of costumes, we have been taking long journeys on our ‘hobby- donkeys’, drawing and painting characters from the story and exploring how to make star shapes from triangles, which were then enthusiastically covered in glitter!

Next week we will again be focusing on the Nativity story and part of this will be firming up our lines and actions of the play; ready to ‘wow’ you the following week.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the parents and grandparents who gave up their time to work with the children and support them in making all the head wear and props ready for our big performances. Over 100 bands and 30 plus stars were amongst the items crafted by our volunteers and all made within a record 40 minutes! Again, thank you for giving up your time – we could not have managed this task at that speed on our own!


Please remember all costumes need to be handed to your class teacher by Monday, (all named and in a named bag please).




Communication in Print

Each week the children will be learning 2 or 3 ‘Communication in Print’ signs related to our theme and story. Your child will see the pictures on the class wall and will practise the action associated with it every day.

This week we have learnt: donkey, sheep and stars.


Fire Safety

In maths this week, we have been using diennes to help us to subtract two digit numbers from two digit numbers.  We have been working on how we need to exchange a ten rod for ten ones to help us.


In literacy, we have worked on a shared class story called Leo and his growl/roar.  Over the weekend, it would be great if your child could come up with an animal that they will write their own story about next week.  Their animal needs to lose something that they always have, for example, a snake losing it’s hiss, a cow losing it’s moo or a dog losing it’s bark.


This week the children had a visit from the Devon and Somerset Fire Service.  They learned lots to keep them safe such as the ‘stop, drop and roll’ chant and the emergency number to ring. Some children thought it was 911!  Inside the booklet there was a number to ring if you don’t have a smoke alarm in your home.  It’s free so make sure you check out the booklet that your child brought home.

We’ve been resisting the ‘C’ word for the past few weeks, but it’s well and truly on the way in Year 5!

This week saw the beginning of the preparations for a variety of Christmas performances; including nativities, learning traditional carols, and a woodwind ensemble. And that’s just the beginning!

As an exciting addition to the blog this week, we would like to introduce three very keen class bloggers who would like to share their enthusiasm of learning with you.

Theo: We have had a chillaxed learning experience with the Anglo-Saxon story Beowolf which has links to both topic and narrative writing in English. The story is based on a famous English epic poem, and promises to be full of action and adventure.

Jack: In maths we have had truly unforgettable experience, learning how to find the area of triangles and tackling some tricky Year 6 area and perimeter word problems.

Ivy: In P.E. we have enjoyed learning new hockey skills, and are beginning to play real matches. We have perfected our ball skills, including both passing and dribbling. In an attempt to succeed with ‘Leg it to Lapland’ we have enjoyed additional physical activities in the MUGA, as well as ‘Going Noodle’ in our classes. Great fun!

Have a great weekend,

From the Year 5 Team