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Year 4 – Week 7

We have had great fun this week learning about Roman mosaics and designing and creating our own. We used traditional techniques used by the Romans and used real tile pieces to create some masterpieces which we are really proud of. They will need to be cleaned and polished after half term but take a look at our work in progress:


In Maths we have been learning about using more efficient methods to add and subtract 3 and 4 digit numbers. In English we finished our newspaper reports and published them on the computers or in our neatest handwriting. We also finished our science investigation this week and the results were very interesting. We found that some of the liquids we tested had dramatic effects on our teeth and lots of children promised to drink less sugary drinks as a result.

Have a super half term and don’t forget to keep reading and practising your times tables and spellings! 🙂



Handa’s Surprise

Continuing our learning about autumn and harvest time, this week the Foundation Stage children have been exploring different fruits. Our focus story has been ‘Handa’s Surprise’, which is about a little girl who goes on a journey to surprise a friend. She initially has a basket of different tropical fruits such as mango, avocado and passion fruit; however, there is a twist at the end of the story as Handa delivers a surprise basket of fruit. Perhaps you could ask your child to explain the story to you and why Handa was surprised!

To support this story, the children have explored carrying plates of fruit on their head, chopped fruits to make a fruit salad for the outside water tray, made observational drawings of different fruits and then tasted them, made and eaten apple crumble, explored how far they could carry heavy buckets and created stories with the African animal play trays.

It has been a very exciting start to the school year with happy, settled and enthusiastic children. The Foundation Stage team wish you a well-deserved half term holiday; resting and enjoying family time.

Reception parents

There are further Phase 2 of ‘Letters and Sounds’ videos for you to watch to support your child’s learning at home.

A reminder about sharing information:

Building a whole picture of your child is important to us to help them with their learning. This includes observations made in school but also knowing about their interests and life out of school. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to an e-mail address that enables you to send photos or videos of your child to their class teacher. These can be of things like: trips or events that you would like to share, things that have made them proud or activities that you have done together.

This e-mail address will also be able to be used later in the term to share home learning.

Communication in Print

Each week the children will be learning 2 or 3 ‘Communication in Print’ signs related to our theme and story. Your child will see the pictures on the class wall and will practice the action associated with it daily.

This week we have learnt: ‘fruit’, ‘snack’ and ‘who’.


Do you, your family or friends have a talent or a career that you would like to share with, or come in and demonstrate to our Foundation children. For example; can you play a musical instrument; are you a painter or a potter; do you enjoy knitting or gardening; are you a pilot, a builder or a dancer? If you have a talent that you would be happy to share with us, please talk to your child’s class teacher for further information.


We have explored Antarctica this week – Brrrrrrr!

The children found out lots of facts: did you know that Antarctica is a desert?

The children have written some fantastic expanded noun phrases about this cold environment, here are just a few examples:

We have been busy learning some harvest songs for our assembly. Thank you all for your generosity. There was a large collection of food that will be gratefully received.

In English, the children have been writing their stories about a starfish who gives away his gloves. After half term, they will be choosing a creature of their own and thinking about what it could give away. If your child has a great idea, they could draw or write about it in their home learning books.

We hope you have a relaxing and happy half term and we look forward to welcoming you back for the busy second half of the Autumn term.

What a performance!

What a performance!

For all of you who were lucky enough to see the Year 5 performance, I’m sure you will agree that all the children were superstars. They worked so incredibly hard, and overcame those last minute nerves to put on a show that they loved to perform, and we loved to watch. If you would like to relive those memories a link on our blog will be available soon.

Despite all our rehearsing, we have continued with maths as normal. This week we have explored the strategy of long multiplication, and the children have enjoyed the challenge of multiplying by 2 digits or more.

As a whole class read, we have explored the text, ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty, it is a text that gives a real insight into life in a Victorian workhouse, and one the children have become very familiar with. I’m sure they would love to tell you what life was like for ordinary Victorians.

The children are looking forward to their well-deserved break, and the Year 5 team would all like to wish you a happy and safe half term.

Year 6 Week 7

This week in maths, we have been doing some sample booklets to practice for sats. We are also proud to say that everyone’s scores have been improving; in fact, nobody was disappointed with themselves. Scores ranged up to greater depth!

In science, we have been looking at micro-organisms. To put this into real-life, we have been investigating the growth of mould. We did this by exposing supermarket and bakery bread to different variable such as water, dirt and the micro-organisms that live on our skin [6VG even spat on them!] Then at the end of this experiment [after 3 weeks] we looked at the bread and concluded that freshly baked bread has more mould growth than supermarket, packaged loaves. We also concluded that to preserve bread for longer, we should store it in dry conditions.

We hope everyone enjoys a lovely half term holiday!

Written by pupils from Year 6





Not-So-Disgusting Sandwiches!

We have had a fantastic time this week designing and making our sandwiches! On Monday, the children tried different types of bread, including pitta, wrap, white, brown and rye. On Tuesday, they sampled spreads – Vitalife ‘Dairy Free’ was a real winner in one JM!! Several other children also enjoyed mayonnaise and real butter. Wednesday was a day for talking about fillings and designing our sandwiches and on Thursday we got to make AND eat them! There were lots of tasty fillings, such as cheese and ham, tuna and sweetcorn and lettuce and tomato…. and a few more unusual combinations such as chocolate spread with mayo and cucumber! The children had a wonderful time spreading and cutting their sandwiches and we were able to eat them out on the field in the glorious Autumn sunshine.

Many thanks to those of you who were able to  come and watch our ‘Celebration of Harvest’ – the children sang beautifully and those with lines spoke so confidently. We were really proud of them. Enjoy singing the songs again with your children over the holidays!

Happy half term and well done to all the children (and parents) for a fabulous half term.


Family Workshop – Messy Play


Earlier this term Mrs Prout and Ms Zajac ran a family workshop for some of our reception parents focused on messy play. Various activities were set up to explore around the setting ranging from paint to hidden worms in soil, the frozen ice was a firm favorite! Thank you to all the parents that attended