Monthly Archives: May 2018



What great weather to explore the topic of transport. Outside the children have had a garage with a car wash; we now have the cleanest cars in Exwick! Both inside and out, the children have used bricks and chairs to create buses, trains, planes and coaches to travel on for a journey. Most of the pretend journeys have ended up at the beach for an ice cream.

Other activities this week have included making sandwiches; colour mixing with car tracks; creating vehicles using reclaimed materials and big boxes (which were worn to travel around in as buses and cars); exploring cold baked beans; making road maps for vehicles and riding bikes around a course.

This lovely weather has enabled the children to enjoy paddling and going on a bug hunt. We hope that the sunshine will last over half term and wish you a happy and safe holiday.



  • When we get back from our break, we would love to hear about something that your child has done during their holiday. Please bring into school a small object, photo, ticket, leaflet or something else as a reminder of what you did, to talk about and share with your class.


  • We are still on the lookout for bags of compost for our mud kitchen please!







Warps and Wefts!

In art we have carried on with our weaving. After collecting sticks from the nature area, we constructed our own frames ( this was the tricky part!). Then we attached our warps which involved lots of tying of knots.  After all this, weaving the wefts was easy!

We were really pleased with the final results and hope they will take pride of place at home!

With Grenville fast approaching can we ask that you return any outstanding paperwork asap. Half term is the perfect time to start preparing! Have a fab half term



Auditions Week

The year 6 team just wanted to say a huge well done to every child in the year group. We have been blown away by the standards of acting, singing and dancing this week and have had an extremely difficult job in trying to allocate roles, we have been particularly impressed by the level of maturity and support shown to their peers.

Well done once again to all.

A quick reminder with regards to the resedential, children will need to bring a packed lunch and a water bottle with them on the Tuesday.

Many Thanks

Year 6

Tennis in Year 2!

The children in year 2 have enjoyed making up their own games using the tennis skills they have been learning this half term. Perhaps over the holiday they can show you what they can do at your local tennis court!

Have a wonderful half term.

Email success

Year 4 have written and sent excellent emails to the Australian Marine Conservation Society with questions and concerns about the future of the reef and what people can do to help. They used all the facts they had learnt and showed how passionate they are about this topic. We received an exciting reply this week to say they enjoyed reading our emails and also this certificate to put up on display!