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Africa and Sleepover

Year 5 have been very busy since we came back from the Easter hols! We have enjoyed starting our Summer term topic which is Africa. We have used atlases to locate and name the 54 countries which make up this continent. We have really improved our map reading skills and also drew maps using coordinates. Some of us even got to work outside in the sunshine!

In maths we linked our geography and time telling skills to find the time in different parts of the world. We learnt about GMT and local time in many different countries using

Finally, last week we had our Year 5 sleepover. All the children had a wonderful time and behaved well and this was great preparation for Grenville, where we hope the children and adults might enjoy a little more sleep!

Don’t forget the Grenville meeting on Thursday 10th of June at 5.30 in the Yellow Room.

Jack and the Beanstalk week 2

Jack and the Beanstalk (continued)

After busily making story props last week, the children have enthusiastically been using them to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. There have been many giants ‘Fe- Fi-Fo-ing’ around their castles and many Jacks climbing up and down the beanstalk taking coins and golden eggs. The enthusiasm to retell has not faltered all week; every version was different and some plots were even changed!

In the kitchen, Jack sized pizzas and biscuits were made and quickly eaten. (The children were always very hungry after climbing up and down the beanstalks!)

Other activities have included making giant sandcastles; creating small and large sized drawings and paintings; singing songs to accompany the Jack and the Beanstalk story and using different sizes of P.E. equipment.

Our class beans are beginning to grow roots and shoots but the children are disappointed that no beanstalks have grown over night. We have also planted a range of seeds in the garden. Let’s hope we have some sun to accompany the rain that has come back!

Have you seen our class pets? We are watching caterpillars grow and change. In one week they have at least doubled in size. Keep watching as they grow and change very quickly.


We are still collecting cooking donations please and bags of compost or plants that you have spare. Thank you