Monthly Archives: March 2018

FS – Springtime

This week we have continued introducing the theme of Spring and the changes that can be seen around us. At last we can talk about how the spring days are getting warmer and brighter! Sitting quietly, we have even heard the birds singing and some children have noticed buds and blossom appearing on the trees.

Our caring vets have again been looking after, x-raying, bandaging and giving medication to poorly cats, dogs, rabbits, frogs and mice. These animals have been showered with love and cuddles; helping with their recovery.

Linking with our Rosie’ Walk story, children have enjoyed designing maps of journeys taken by themselves and of Rosie the Hen. Three dimensional routes were also created for Beebot by programming it to manoeuvre around buildings, bridges and roads.

Within the craft area, we have created chicks from a variety of paint and collage materials and decorated eggs using pom- poms dipped in paint to design a repeating pattern. We also challenged the children to create something from a paper plate. The results were amazing, well thought out and quite individual. Children created things such as crocodiles, Easter cakes, rabbit ears, hens, flowers just to mention a few.


We wish you all a happy and sunny Easter break, with lots of family time and making happy memories. We look forward to hearing all your news on Monday 16th April.




To support our new theme of ‘growing’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, we are still in need of any donations of:

  • bags of compost
  • plants
  • plant pots
  • unwanted seeds
  • gardening related catalogues
  • We would also like any spare egg boxes for our Maths work please!