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The Foundation focus this week has been the story of Cinderella.

Our home corner has been turned into Cinderella’s kitchen, where the pots and pans have been cleaned, the windows have been scrubbed and the floor swept on a daily basis. It is now sparkling! The other half of the home area has been a ‘ball room’ where children, dressed in regal costumes, have danced and twirled to the music.

As well as using dressing up clothes, the children have designed and made royal costumes to wear. They drew, cut out, attached with tape and decorated many different creations such as knights’ cloaks, Cinderella ball gowns, tabards for kings and wedding dresses for princesses. Crowns, tiaras and wands were also made and used during play, with many wishes being granted.

As a treat this week, some children baked and iced wedding cakes for us all to enjoy. As always, they were very popular and thoroughly enjoyed at snack time.

Other activities this week have included designing castles from big bricks, taking Beebot on a journey from Cinderella’s home to the palace and enjoying obstacle courses and ball skills in the hall.


  • Do you have any good quality but no longer used children’s puzzles and books at home? If so, please could you pass them to your class teacher. Thank you.




Mental maths challenge, fitness fun and excellent home learning examples

This week we have been working on our ‘mental maths’ skills, and Year 5 pupils were set a challenging task. A collection of clues were posted around the classroom, and the children had to find the answer to each maths question in order to move on to the next clue. They demonstrated great teamwork, and used their knowledge of calculation to solve the problems.

Although it’s been a wet and windy week, we still managed to get our hearts pumping through indoor guided dance and fitness sessions….

Finally, the staff in Year 5 are always blown away by the quality of the children’s home learning. This week we’ve seen some brilliant comic-strip versions of the Beowulf story, more fascinating mixed-material collages, linking to our science topic and some eye-catching posters all about swimming:


Letter Writing

During this term, year 6 have been using Harry Potter as a basis for their writing. Here are a few photos, showing the children hard at work, writing letters.

We also wanted to say a huge thank you and well done for the quality of ‘Home Learning’ that is being produced.

The year 6 team

Well done Year 2!

Well done to all the year 2 children who have clearly been working hard to learn their lines and songs at home. What a fantastic job they’re doing!

We are continuing to work on projecting loud voices and adding actions and expression when acting, so please keep practicing at home. The children are very excited about the performance and looking forward to sharing their hard work with you.

Please send costumes into school as soon as you can as we will be having a dress rehearsal next week. If you are struggling to find items please talk to one of the year 2 team – we don’t expect people to be shopping for costumes and can always find an outfit if needed.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The year 2 team.