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Year 2 – Carols and Stables!

What a busy week we are having in Year 2!

The children are busily practicing for Carols in the Playground next week and sound in fine voice. We look forward to seeing you all there.

They have also enjoyed their science investigation where they had to find out which material was suitable to repair a leaky stable roof. See pictures below;

Have a wonderful weekend.


The Year 2 Team


All 3 Year 5 classes thouroughly enjoyed their trip to Bygones museum in Torquay. As usual, the children were very well behaved and learnt lots about this fascinating era. When we arrived we got into Victorian costumes.

We then explored the Victorian street and homes. Our guides were impressed with our knowledge and the thoughful questions we asked.

After lunch we got to drive a steam train,  play in the penny arcade, explore the other areas of the museum and visit the shop. Overall, we had a great day and this was a super way to end our topic.

Teaching and Learning Through Craft Activities


Early Years Foundation Stage

Teaching and Learning Through Craft Activities

Parent Workshop Session on 29th November 2017


We would like to say a BIG thank you to all the parents who came to the craft workshop. It was very well attended.

The challenge of this session was to make as many props and head-dresses as possible for our Nativity play. Amazingly, the parents and the children not only completed the whole challenge (40 sheep hats, 20 head bands for angels, 20 stars, crowns and much more) but everything was made within an hour! The fantastic buzz around the room of adults and children chatting and working together was just amazing. This enjoyment was reiterated in the feedback received, where parents expressed how much they had enjoyed the ‘community feel’ and that many now felt very ‘Christmassy’. Parents also commented that they now appreciate how craft activities support all areas of the Foundation Curriculum and how they would encourage more creativity at home. The children commented on how “soft and fluffy” the sheep head bands were and how much they liked everything covered in glitter!

The photos below show how much fun everyone had!

If you were unable to attend this session, the key point that we discussed was the potential for learning across all seven areas of the Foundation Stage curriculum, when a child is exploring craft related activities. We also considered an article from the ‘Nursery World’ magazine, which is quoted below:

  • “If the thought of doing craft activities with your children fills you with horror, it is worth knowing that children can acquire a vast range of skills from art and craft sessions. Their creativity is stoked, their fine motor skills are refined, confidence and problem-solving abilities are improved, and you get to spend some fun time together.”
  • “Working on a craft project together with your child can help improve their teamwork, communication and social skills, as they will have to learn to co-operate and communicate to complete their projects.”
  • “It is impossible to separate physical development from other aspects of children’s growth, because children learn through being active, and through multi-sensory, physical interaction with the world around them. Children using their senses to engage in art and creativity are constantly developing, practising and refining their skills.”

There will be further ‘Teaching and Learning workshop’ sessions in the spring term; details to follow soon.

We hope to see you there!


The Great British Bake Off – World War 2 Ration Edition

This week, Year 6 have had a great time designing and making a WW2 rationing recipe. They learnt how to mix, knead, prove and bake bread!

Nativity Week 2

Nativity continued:

We have again been busily practising our nativity songs and rehearsing our lines in readiness to perform our play to you next week! We had a great session with some parents on Wednesday morning who, with the children, made over 50 head dresses, 20 stars and other vital props in only an hour. (Thank you so much for your help. It was very much appreciated!)

When not singing, we have continued to look after the babies in the baby clinic. This week, we have been carrying out vital health checks; using stethoscopes to listen to their hearts, seeing how much they weigh and measuring their height. In this cold weather all the babies have been well dressed and cuddled.

As the camels in our story travelled through the desert, the children have been exploring the texture of sand by including it in their art work; using it to fill in areas of their collages.

Outside, we have continued travelling on journeys but instead of having donkeys we have used a variety of balancing items. Keeping an eye on the star alignments have been many ‘kings’ using their home-made and creative telescopes.

Notes and reminders:

We hope you all can watch our Nursery and Reception Nativity next Wednesday 6th December at 9.30am or 2pm and Thursday 7th at 9.30 am.

Also please could you make a contribution of £1 by Friday 8th December for our Circus Berzercus show and party food.