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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This story is always a firm favourite with the children and this year has been no exception.

On Monday, we turned the role play area into the Bears’ cottage. As well as different sized items for the bears to use, we made porridge-playdough and used this create food for the bears. They had plenty of cakes and pancakes!

We have also enjoyed eating porridge. In fact, we used two large bags of oats. Almost everyone that tasted the porridge finished their bowl; only a few children thought it was too lumpy!

Other activities included using different words to describe size (such as big, medium, small, biggest, smallest); programming the Beebot to follow woodland pathways and making puppets to enhance the recreation of the story.

The children have been talking about keeping themselves safe with a discussion about road safety. They have talked about how Goldilocks should not have wandered off exploring on her own and about how she may have crossed the road without an adult’s help. Perhaps you could reinforce at home the need for children to hold an adult’s hand when crossing the road and talk about the best places to cross the road when you are out and about!


Reclaimed materials – Thank you for bringing in your reclaimed materials. We have used most of it this week and would be delighted to receive more materials

Cooking money and tissues – Thank you to those who have paid cooking money this week. We are happy to receive further contributions.

This week’s home learning can be found in a separate Home Learning blog post.



1 to 1 counting

In the Foundation Stage, we have been practising how to count objects accurately by making sure we are saying one number with one object. This is called one-to-one correspondence and is demonstrated in the video attached.

Please encourage your child to practise this skill in a variety of contexts; for example, counting toys, stairs/steps, cutlery, etc. If your child says the number names in the correct order e.g. “1,2,3,4,5″, but skips an object OR they count an object more than once, please encourage them to re-count to check the total.

1 to 1 counting in Reception from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

NSPCC – Online Safety

The NSPCC have been in school today and one of the topics they have been talking about with the children is Online Safety. The NSPCC have produced a brilliant leaflet that gives guidance to parents about how to help your child stay safe whilst they are online. You can download this really helpful leaflet below.

Click to download NSPCC Leaflet – Your child’s online world, a guide for parents

A Roman day out!

Year 4 have been on a fantastic day out discovering more about the Roman history of Exeter.  We saw the ancient Roman walls of the city and lots of fascinating artifacts from Roman Exeter in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

In Science, we have been learning about our teeth and have begun our enquiry into what happens to egg shells in different liquids. We are excited to find out if our predictions are correct next week.

Money, Money, Money…

Well, what a busy week we have had! The children have been working hard in maths this week, learning how to add and subtract using money. They have used the numicon to support their understanding of this new concept. Please see pictures below;

In English they have been planning their own version of the story Duckie’s Rainbow which we are writing as a class before the children plan their own version next week. Children have used the planning sheet seen below (from 2LM) 2SC and 2JM have the same sheet with a different story. Ask your child to use it and tell you the story they have written in their class. Perhaps they could start thinking about making up their own too in preparation for English next week!


We have been learning about where Europe is during our topic work, thinking about the climate and the difference between a country and a continent. You can support your child with understanding this with their home learning this week – please check the home learning blog for details.

Thank you all for the great pictures and emails that you have been sending to show us your child’s home learning. It has been fantastic to see how engaged the children are and the feedback we have received from parents has been positive too.

We know it can be difficult to support children with learning how to spell new words so have included a video clip to support with this;

Spelling Support

Year 2 Helping your child with spelling from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

Have a wonderful weekend.