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Happy holidays

Thank you and happy holiday…

All the Foundation staff would just like to say a BIG, BIG thank you for all our gifts, cards and kind words. You have been more than generous and we all feel very loved and spoilt.

We hope that you all have a lovely holiday and look forward to catching up with you all in September. We are losing a few children to other schools and wish them and their families much luck – you will be missed. Please keep in touch and let us know how you have settled in to your new schools.

Have a happy, safe and relaxing holiday; fingers crossed for better weather. See you on Wednesday 6th .



New Reception Parents September 2017 Family Workshop Opportunity

Dear Parent / Carer

Come and join us for 6 sessions of fun and learning with your child. Each session will be split into two halves; the first half is just for parents; the second half is for both of you. Every parent with a child in reception is being invited. Younger children are welcome but are the parent’s responsibility.
What can parents / carers gain?
• Be more aware of their child’s needs and feelings
• Greater sense of involvement with their child’s life and school
• Opportunity for protected time with their children
• To share within the safety of a group the highs and lows of being a parent
• An improved relationship with school
• To understand the 3 part brain model
• To have an opportunity to deepen their attachment bond with their child

The session will be run over 6 weeks every Wednesday morning from 9– 11am in the Early Years Hall, please report to the early years school reception on the first session

The first session is on Wednesday 13th September 2017 9-11am

Sessions will be led by myself Carrie Morrell. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the school number below.

Letters detailing the event will be sent home in September 2017

Many thanks

Carrie Morrell
Pastoral Lead – 01392 209030

The Night Pirates

The children have all been transformed into pirates this week. There have been many pirate hats, eye patches, treasure maps and telescopes made and used on our big wooden pirate ship. We have also dug up treasure, played ‘x marks the spot’ and learnt a variety of pirate songs. Although there have been many sharks and crocodiles in the playground, nobody has been eaten when they walked the plank!

Thank you for all the ocean scenes that have been created for the home learning. There are some very creative families out there!

The transition days this week have continued to be a success. The children are excitedly talking about their new classes and looking forward to September.

Although Home Learning is finished for the term, please continue to practice some reading, writing and number skills over the next week. There is a Pirate phonics called ‘Buried Treasure’ game on and has games for phases 2 -5.

Also there are some pirate maths games:

(nursery have enjoyed this one!)


We are collecting in all the Home Learning diaries to pass on to your child’s new teacher and the home reading books. If you have either at home please may they be returned to school as soon as possible. Thank you!


Freaky Friday!

Reception Sports Day

Commotion in the ocean






The children have had another enjoyable week exploring the sea and sand. We have been sitting by the water’s edge, relaxing and catching fish. We have been paddling in the waters, making sandcastles and shell castles and prints. To keep our hungry tummies full, there have been sandwiches – with every crumb of cheese and pots of jam used up.

We have been digging up our home-grown potatoes and picking the beans that we planted from seeds. These will be eaten in snack next week.

We really enjoyed our transition day and meeting our new teachers. We are excited about meeting them again next week.


  • We are now collecting in reading books for all the children and library books from the Nursery children. If you have misplaced a book then please ask your class teacher for its title. Lost books will unfortunately carry a fee.
  • Please could you send in egg boxes and small boxes, such as mini- cereal boxes, for our craft next week. Thank you


Nursery Sports Day 2017

Shadow Puppets

This week Year 3 have been busy making mechanisms for their Shadow Puppets in Design Technology ready to tell a story.

The puppets needed to have at least one moving part made from a lever and linkage system.

The children made levers and linkages first to see how they worked, using their measuring skills.

Then, they decided the best mechanism to include in each of their puppets. This time they used Notebook as a computer aided design tool to see how they could hide their mechanism on their final designs, then they set to work making them.

Once they were completed, the children took turns to present their stories using a Shadow Theatre.

They found out that it was tricky to manipulate the puppets from one side of the theatre and there were a few repairs needed to moving parts.


MVI_1366 from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

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