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Gingerbread Man 2

Gingerbread Man –week 2

Again this week, the children have enjoyed retelling and acting out the Gingerbread Man story. The role play area has continued to be a cottage for making and baking cookies and a river, grass and masks were added so that the children could re-tell the story.

We made and ate, gingerbread biscuits also this week. They were very popular and tasty. We kept watch but happily none ran away!

We hope everyone has a lovely half term and that the weather stays lovely for us. School starts again on Tuesday 6th June.

Home Learning over the half term break is to enjoy the good weather and go explore the outdoors. Spend time reading your favourite stories with your family and talk about what you’ve been doing at the end of each day.


Class photographs are on Thursday 8th June – Nursery parents please see the note on the nursery door.

Reception classes: due to photo day being on Thursday there will not be a hall session so children are to wear their school uniform.

If you or a family member are keen gardeners, please refer to the class posters about helping us to weed our discovery garden.

Over the half term, could you take photos of what you’ve done and brochures of places you may have gone to as we will be using them for our writing and talking tasks. We will be sending out a reminder on the first week back.



Devon County Show

Last week Year 5 had a fantastic day at the Devon County Show. The weather was super and the rain held off until we got to the Armed Forces area, by which time we were all pretty dirty anyway! As usual the children were well behaved and polite and enjoyed all that our beautiful county has to offer! Thanks again to all the parents who helped make it such a special day.

Have a lovely half term from the Year 5 team

Florence Nightingale

This week, we have transported ourselves back nearly 200 years to learn about the work of Florence Nightingale. The children have learnt all about ‘The Lady of the Lamp’: how she insisted on training as a nurse, against her parent’s wishes, how she travelled across Europe to help the soldiers injured in the Crimean War and how she cleaned up the hospitals, teaching other nurses the best way to nurse their patients back to health. The children have made a timeline listing the important events in Florence’s life and coloured in maps, showing where in Europe she travelled. Some of them also made lanterns…..and had great fun playing in our ‘pop-up’ Florence role play (complete with rats and bandages!). Ask your child to share with you all the information they have learned about Florence.

In Maths this week, we looked at odd and even numbers, before moving onto sharing. The children were introduced to the division sign and used counters or bricks to help them write and work out number sentences such as 18 divided by 2. Some of them even learnt about remainders  – tricky stuff!

This week, your child has brought home the sunflower that they have been growing in school, together with their sunflower diary. Please support your child in filling out the rest of the diary, observing the plants as they grow. We would love to see the finished diaries  – and any photographs of the sunflowers – later in the term.

Please can we ask for FULL PE kits (including plimsolls or trainers) to be in school every day after half term as we will be practising for sports day. The children must also have a hat and water bottle in school, as the weather (hopefully!) will be getting hotter.

Best wishes for a super half term holiday – hopefully the weather will be kind to us all!

The Year One Team

Week 6 – Family Workshop

Today was the last of our 6 sessions of family workshops and the sun was shining to celebrate our last discussion topic of joy. We spent a short time discussing the importance of promoting positive touch with our children from a young age and what the longer term impacts of opioids being released in the brain cause. The children joined us for the second part to join in with some activities before we went over to explore the discovery garden and enjoy the sunshine.

These sessions will start again in September 2017 for all reception parents

Ceilidh Dancing

In topic work on the British Isles, 4RW learnt a traditional Ceilidh dance and really enjoyed swinging each other round! It was difficult to begin with but by the end they could remember the sequence and perform it brilliantly. Well done! Since everyone loved it so much we have decided to learn some more dances after half-term…

Have a relaxing week off.

Ceilidh dancing from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

Family Workshop Week 5

This week we focused on setting boundaries for our children and how we felt as parents setting these. We talked about things that can effect our ability to be consistent in these boundary setting and looked at different models such as the nurture structure highway. We also spoke about the importance of “time in” with a trusted adult and how this strategy can support a child to help make choices.

London – Thursday

Here are some photos from our trip to the Harry Potter Studios.

Mr Benn!

We have had another busy week in Year 1. In literacy, we have been learning all about the ‘Mr Benn’ stories – the man in the top hat who puts on a costume and disappears through a door that leads to magical adventures! (you may remember him from your childhood!). The children have watched lots of Mr Benn stories and written some super sentences about him, focusing on remembering capital letters and full stops and joining ideas with and, so or because. Next week we will be writing the story of Mr Benn and the Red Knight, putting all of our writing skills to good use.

In maths, we have been starting to look at multiplication. In Year 2 the children will need to know their tables facts off by heart for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, so this has been a good introduction for them. You could help your child at home by counting up to 100 in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Next week it will be ‘Art Week’ across the school. We will be focusing on the theme of ‘friendship and tolerance’.

A reminder, please, that coats for the rain and hats for the sun should be in school every day as the weather is so changeable. Many thanks.

The Gingerbread Man

Our work this week has been based around the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. This story is a firm favourite with all the children and they have enjoyed helping to retell it; using the familiar repetitive story sequence.

To help with our story experience, we turned the role-play area into the Old Woman and Old Man’s cottage, had a variety of ginger doughs and cutters and countless gingerbread men have been made. Luckily for us, none have escaped!

Outside, we have been tackling the challenges of obstacle courses, moving around them as if chasing a Gingerbread Man!

Also this week, the children took a vote to give our new outside area an official name. It is now known as ‘Discovery Garden’ and won by a big majority vote. Some of the class butterflies were released here so that they had plenty of flowers to find.

Next week we are hoping to make some gingerbread cookies to eat. We can’t wait!

We have also uploaded a video of the whole story being signed – can you watch it with your family and teach them the signs?

Gingerbread Man signed story final from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.






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