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Jack and the Beanstalk

We have enjoyed using our role play props this week to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. There have been many giants, Jacks and hens climbing up and down our beanstalks.

We also set up a garden centre and have really enjoyed filling pots with seeds and compost.

Our class bean experiments are working well and we have roots and shoots on some or our beans already – but no beanstalks so far!

Have you noticed our class pets? We are watching with fascination as our class caterpillars are growing with such speed. Have you seen them?

We are going to be putting up tutorial videos that you can use at home to support your child so watch this space …..


We are still collecting our £3.00 cooking donations.


Grand Opening of the Early Years Grounds

On Thursday 27th April 2017, we celebrated the grand opening of the new Early Years outdoor learning environment.

Special guests, who supported the project, joined us in making this a memorable occasion and were first given a guided tour of the grounds by children in the Early Years. Following this, all the children gathered together on the playground to sing songs chosen and composed especially for the occasion. Mrs Neal, our Headteacher, thanked our special guests for all their support, including Mrs Dunn who was tasked with cutting the ribbon and declaring the area officially open! The afternoon concluded with refreshments outside, which included celebratory flower-shaped biscuits baked by the children themselves.

A lovely afternoon was had by all and the children are now looking forward to exploring and learning in this fabulous new space!

Special thanks must go to the following for their involvement in the project:

  • Heles Educational Trust
  • Exwick Heights PTA
  • Lorraine Dunn
  • Governors of Exwick Heights
  • Nigel Garside of Lynwood Landscapes

London Landmarks

This week’s Question of the Week was to research interesting facts or make a model of a famous landmark in London. These are a few of the amazing models which the pupils brought in! We learnt a lot about the history behind the landmarks and how some have been adapted or rebuilt over time. Well done Year 4!

All around the UK in one week!

This week in Year 1 we have been busy travelling all around the UK! On Monday, we learnt about why the UK is called the UK and coloured and labelled maps. On Tuesday, we learnt all about England, Wednesday involved finding out about Scotland, Thursday saw us jetting off to Wales and we rounded things off on Friday by nipping over the sea to Ireland! As part of our work on each country, we have learnt about flags, capital cities, patron saints, popular foods, national dress, famous landmarks and flowers. A high point of the country study each day was having a nibble of a national food: scones and jam on Tuesday, shortbread on Wednesday and Welsh cakes on Thursday. Delicious! We also enjoyed some Irish dancing and learnt a litte bit of Welsh.

In other news this week, all three classes took part in a disability awareness session. Two staff from The Ellen Tinkham School came to visit and talked to us about how disabilities are not all the same and not always visible. The children had a go in a wheelchair and experienced what it would feel like to be visually impaired. The children responded really well to this and it was a fantastic, inclusive, and informative session.

Year 1 have had an extra-busy week as we also took part in the official opening of the Early Years garden on Thursday! The children worked really hard to learn a special song and supported the younger children in reception and nursery, performing to the important visitors who had come to open up the garden.

Best wishes for a (hopefully sunny) bank holiday weekend

The Year 1 Team

Sunshine and baking!

It was lovely to see the children again after a really summery break. The good weather has continued this week and the children have enjoyed playing on the school field. This week we have carried out another science investigation where we found out which materials were good thermal insulators. Look at the materials below. Can you predict which kept the hot drink the warmest?

In DT we got to make our Anglo- Saxon style bread at last! We tried to keep to a simple recipe which basically just included honey, brown flour and butter ( all things that the Saxons would have made themselves). The obvious missing ingredient was yeast so the end results were a little flat but very tasty none the less!

Jack and the Beanstalk (week 1)

Home Learning for Jack and the Beanstalk

We hope that you all had a lovely Easter break. The children were very excited to be back at school.

Over the next two weeks, our topic will be growing plants. To support our work we are using the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

The children have been designing scenery and props to help with our story retelling next week. We even have the giant’s harp!

The children have also been weeding and planting in the garden area. We are also experimenting in what conditions the seeds need to help them grow. Will we have bean stalks to climb soon…wait and see!?


  • If you have any plants, seeds or bags of soil at home, we would be pleased to receive your donations.
  • As we are in a new term, we are now collecting the cooking donations of £3.00 per child and also a box of tissues per child. Many thanks.





Position and planting.

A big welcome back to year 1!

We have hit the ground running after the Easter holidays. On Monday the whole of Year 1 got to plant their sunflowers. We learnt how to plant a seed and will now be looking after them, measuring them and keeping a diary to record their growth. Later in the summer they will be bought home to brighten up your gardens!

Once we had planted our sunflowers, we decided it would be useful to write instructions to help others who have never planted a seed before. We learnt to be clear with our instructions, otherwise the person following them may go wrong (Miss Green didn’t cover her seed or water it because we weren’t precise with our instructions!). We also learnt that it can be useful to use time connectives like firstly, next, then and finally when writing instructions.

In maths this week we have been looking at direction and position. It has been lots of fun directing our friends using key language like; backwards, forwards, left, right, whole turn and half turn. We also got to use the Bee-Bots and use our knowledge of position and direction to program them.

Our homework this week is all about position, direction and buried treasure!

Next week we are going to be exploring each of the countries that make up the UK, if anyone has any postcards or photos of trips to Scotland, Ireland and Wales we would love to see them. Also if you have been to London and seen any of the landmarks it would be great to share this as well.

As it is the start of a new term it would be really helpful if we could receive £2 cooking money and tissues. This money is greatly appreciated and allows us to continue to do some really exciting activities with your children to enhance their learning.



Friday 21st April

This week, we have learnt how light travels and how we can see objects.

The children were tasked with creating an educational programme, teaching the above. Here are some pictures.

Anzac biscuits

It’s been an exciting first week of the Summer term! Year 4 have been learning all about Anzac biscuits and adapting them before making their own. We researched oats and how healthy they are, traditional British biscuit flavours and designs as well as creating our own idea and packaging. They looked and smelt delicious!

This term’s topic is the British Isles and we are looking forward to learning about different cities and landmarks.

Please make sure PE kits are in school for the days your child has PE, including socks and trainers.
Also encourage your child to continue reading regularly and keep a record of this in their purple reading logs.
Question of the Week is due on a Friday.