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Adding three numbers…..and our winter wonderland continued!

This week in maths we have been number sentence detectives! We have looked at different ways of adding three numbers together: putting the largest number first, spotting and adding pairs of doubles together first and spotting and adding number bonds to ten together first. Check out our learning videos then you can help your child to practise at home! The children also have maths homework to complete this week instead of spellings. Please help them to learn and recall quickly all the pairs of numbers that make 10 and then 20. Thank you.

We have continued our winter theme this week, by making and hanging up bird feeders and producing some lovely winter art. Chat with your child at home about birds that you see in the garden at this time of year, or out and about in the parks.

Next week in our Literacy sessions we will be looking at rhyming words and nursery rhymes. Do you have any books or CDs that you could share with your child over the weekend? Which nursery rhyme do you both like the best?

Y1 Maths T from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

Y1 Maths R from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

Y1 Maths L&J from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

Going green!

This week we had a visit from a rubbish teacher!!  ( Demelza from Devon Waste services who was actually fab!). She told us all about how we can be green and save energy.

We learnt about the materials objects are made from and where they come from. For example plastic comes from oil, glass from sand and cotton from plants. Demelza challenged us to think of one object that cannot be traced back to a natural resource. Can you think of anything?

We carried out a series of challenges, including looking at things made from recycled material.

This clipboard was made from drinks cartons.

We worked hard to  guess what each object had been made from. There were some surprising answers, including clothes made from nappies and bags made from plastic bottles. The session really helped us to think about being more green. Next week we will be learning more about how to create energy in a green way. How many ways can you think of?

Image result for recycle

Chinese New Year

What a busy week we have had celebrating the Chinese New Year festival. We have been making the building sparkling clean, creating Chinese lanterns, designing and decorating dragons as well as getting messy with noodles. Every child has also made a ‘lucky money envelope’ – a Hong Bow. Was there something exciting inside?!

After learning about ‘The Great Race’ story, we have thoroughly enjoyed racing each other in different ways from jumping like frogs to leaping as far as we can. The children in Reception have also been racing the different characters by blowing through straws and putting them in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Please have a look at the Home Learning to help your child continue the celebrations of the Year of the Rooster this weekend. Gong Hei Fat Choy (Happy New Year)








Home Learning for Chinese New Year

Winter wonderland

In Year One this week we have been learning about the seasons, with a focus on Winter. The children have been identifying signs of Winter around the school grounds and have discussed evergreen and deciduous trees. We looked at the changes in the weather and had a very exciting English lesson with ice and snow. The children came up with describing words (adjectives) for the ice and snow. Some children also came up with questions to ask the penguin or snowman about living in a snowy climate and were introduced to the question mark.

Excitingly on Wednesday, we were able to visit Antarctica with the help of Google Expedition. The children were able to see the snowy landscape and had some close encounters with seals and penguins. This was such a fantastic experience and we would encourage you to chat to your children about it.

In maths we have been looking at adding on 10 and subtracting 10 with the help of resources. We like to encourage you to continue counting up and backwards in 2s, 5s, and 10s and number recognition for two digit numbers.

We will shortly begin our celebratory cooking activities, it would be a huge help if you were able to contribute £3 towards this.


20th January

It has been a fun-filled week in year 6, we have visited the White House through Google Virtual Reality. Additionally, we have been looking at the differences between Barack Obama and Donald Trump; comparing their policies and speaking styles. In maths, we have been looking at coordinates and in English, we have been looking at letter writing.

The year 6 team.

This week in Year 2

This week Google Expeditions visited school and all of the Year 2 children got to experience a virtual reality tour around Buckingham Palace and linked it to our Science topic of everyday materials. The children found it fascinating!

To link with this and our Literacy focus of letter writing next week the children will be writing to the Queen to explain about the virtual tour of Buckingham Palace. We will focus on writing about what we saw, what they enjoyed and ask some questions. Let’s hope for some replies!


Pantomime – we are starting to learn the songs and words for the Year 2 pantomime. Spoken words have been sent home this week for children who have lines. We would be extremely grateful if you could help your child with learning their lines. Also, can all scripts please be in school every day as we will be working on different scenes throughout the week. All the song words will be sent home next week along with letters about helping with costumes. If you do not have what we have asked for please let a member of the Year 2 staff know as we can normally find something suitable.

In maths we have continued to look at division and this will be our focus next week as well.

Rosie’s Walk

We have thoroughly enjoyed Rosie’s Walk this week. We have been learning lots of positional language by making obstacle courses for Rosie and our friends! Making honey sandwiches were delicious and we practised our motor skills by squeezing and spreading the honey and by cutting the bread. We drew maps of Rosie’s journey through the farm; we’d love to see a map of a journey or a walk you’ve been on!


Reception PE kit:

Please remember to send your child to school on Thursdays wearing their PE kit which dark shorts/leggings/joggers and a white polo or white plain t-shirt.


Cooking money:

Thank you for the contributions of cooking money we have had so far; if you would like to contribute £3 a term then this would be greatly appreciated.




Home Learning for Rosie’s Walk

It’s about Time!


To kickstart our topic on Time in Maths this term the children were given a homework task to make their own clock. We hoped that not only would they enjoy creating something to put on display in the classroom but that it would encourage them to learn how to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks at home as well as in school. They look fantastic! Ranging from clocks made of wood, plastic, recyclable materials to Roman numerals, dominoes and Maths clues for each number. Some even work and tell the time exactly. It is amazing to see the variety of different designs but more than that the amount of effort that the pupils (and adults!) have put in.

A big well done Year 4!

Virtual Reality – Google Expeditions

Children from Year 1 to Year 6 had a real treat today when they were able to try out a Google Expedition. Google Expeditions is able to take children to many different places in the world using virtual reality. Year 6 were able to explore the White House, year 4 had a tour of the Great Barrier Reef and Year 3 got to look inside a volcano. As you will see from the video, the children really enjoyed themselves and were able to learn lots of new things through taking part.

Google Expeditions from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.