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Netball Club



Well done to everyone who came along to Year 4-6 Netball club this term! We had a great time learning new skills, making friends and working as a team to play some very competitive matches! It was brilliant to see how enthusiastic and helpful the children were each week. They made us very proud!

Mrs Wang and Mrs Isaac

3 Kings, tens and units – a busy week!

Rehearsals are well under way in Year One for our Nativity Play: Prickly Hay. Please remember to order your tickets from the office so that you don’t miss out on seeing our wonderful children perform. Costume letters should be coming home with your child today. Please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s teacher – or the teaching assistants – if you have any problem with the clothes your child has been asked to wear. We have a large dressing up box and can usually find (or adapt!) most things. Costumes need to be in school, in a labelled carrier bag, as soon as possible next week and by Wednesday 30th November at the latest. Many thanks. We appreciate all the work that lots of you have been doing at home with helping the children remember their lines. Please could you now work with them on really speaking up, so that even the people right at the back of the hall can hear them!

In other news, we have been looking at Place Value in Maths, beginning to count on in tens from any single digit number (e.g: 2, 12, 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, 72, 82 and so on),using a number square. We have also looked at how many tens and units are in different 2-digit numbers, using a range of apparatus to help us. For example, 23 has 2 tens and 3 units. You may remember the old ‘tens and units’ sticks and little blocks (we call them ‘diennes’ now) from when you were at school! Remember to keep on counting with your child as much as you can: forwards, backwards, in ones, twos, tens and so on. It really helps to improve their fluency and understanding of the number system. Check out our video if you would like to know more.

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Many thanks – have a great weekend.


Year 5 have really got their teeth into angles this week. Knowing different types of angles, finding missing angles on a straight line and identifying angles as directional turns for example north, east, south and west.

The Nativity


This week, we have been ‘plodding along to Bethlehem’ (as the first line of one our Nativity songs says). We have been learning about the Christmas story and the reason for celebrating Christmas day. Linking with this, we have also been learning the songs from our nativity play. Have you been hearing snippets of the songs at home this week? The children are learning the words very quickly! There has also been a hive of activity in the making of costume accessories and props.

Our role play focus this week has involved learning about how to care for babies at the baby clinic, including feeding, bathing, changing and of course, lots of cuddling. Some children are now very proficient at joining the poppers on baby grows!

Outside, we have been making journeys around the playground on horseback (no donkeys available), discovering precious gems in the sand tray and playing bowling with skittle soldiers. To keep us warm, hot chocolate has been enjoyed!

Notes and reminders:

  • Costume lists have been sent home. Please could the necessary items be in school by Thursday 1st December in a named bag.
  • Have you ordered your tickets for our Nativity performances? (Wednesday 7th (am and pm) and Thursday 8th (am))
  • Don’t forget the Christmas Fayre on Thursday 8th; more raffle tickets can be bought from the office.
  • Do you have any sleeping bags that we could borrow for our role play area next week? If so please could you pass them on to your class teacher.
  • In last week’s blog, we mentioned that we have set up an email address for parents and carers to use at home. This email address is to use, if you wish, to send us your observations of your child’s home learning.

Here is a recent example of an experience shared with us, by a family:

The family had visited Haldon Forest for a walk. The children began to find and collect sticks of different sizes and discovered that sticks could be used for all sorts of things e.g. to make fires, to toast marshmallows, to make dens and for carrying coats. There were lots of excited conversations and opportunities to introduce new vocabulary. The children also explored materials, mathematics in relation to length and weight, were physical and had a great time exploring and investigating.

Your observations can be written or could be a photo with a comment of those moments that you’d like to share.

We really look forward to receiving your emails; the address is:


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Friday 25th December

It has been another busy week in year 6, we have been writing information texts about World War Two; working out the area and perimeter of triangles, parallelograms and compound shapes; drawing circuit diagram in science and completing our first week of Bootcamp in PE.

We would also like to say that homework in year 6 has been completed to a really high standard, even though the work has been challenging; we would like to thank the children for doing this. Keep up the good work!

The year 6 team.

Marvellous Multiplication!

We have had a wonderful time in maths this week learning what to do when we multiply a number. We have multiplied measurement using shape and worked out word problems. Some of us have been using arrays to investigate how many multiplications can be made for a given number;

i.e. 12 can be made using 2×6=12, 6×2=12, 3×4=12, 4×3=12

arrays-2     arrays

In English we have changed the story of Augustus and his Smile to Lily and her roar (2EA), Roary and his roar (2LM) and Leo and his Roar (2LR). We have worked hard on including some interesting adjectives and verbs to create a picture in the readers mind. Ask your child to re-tell their story to you and prepare to be wowed by their fantastic use of descriptive vocabulary.


This week we have sent home the first of the multiplication tables which we expect children to learn off by heart. Please encourage them to look for patterns in the numbers as well as testing them if you have time – this can be any time you have a spare moment such as when you’re in the car, walking the dog etc. and does not have to be written.

We have been teaching the different ways of writing j in spelling this week (j, dje, ge, g) and have spellings for children to practise at home.

In science we are learning about what our body needs to be healthy and have included a sheet for your child to keep a food diary for 4 days. We will look at this during science next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Year 2 Team



Starting to think about Christmas…

Year 3 have been learning how to use Colour Magic in their Computing lessons which is a painting and drawing application. They have learnt how to use the different tools and colours to create different styles of pictures. This week they had a go at creating a snowy Christmas scene. Here are five pieces of work from 3MV.