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Goldilocks and the Three Bears (week 2)

After spending last week exploring and eating porridge, this week we have tasted a different breakfast – toast and jam. It proved to be extremely popular. We consumed many loaves of bread and had many ‘jammy’ smiles!

We have also been singing songs to help us retell the story, making daddy and baby bear size furniture from bricks, travelling on a ‘goldilocks’ journey around an obstacle course and making puppets and masks of the characters.

Next week we are going to look at harvest and stories related to this. Over the weekend, we would love it if you and your child could go on an autumn hunt, collecting leaves and other items for us to explore over the next 2 weeks. Thank you



We are still collecting reclaimed materials if you could help us

Do you have bags of compost that you no longer need? If so, we would be grateful if you would donate them for our soil trays. Thank you.

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Year 6’s trip to the Royal Fleet Air Museum

Year 6 had a brilliant time at the Royal Fleet Air Museum on Wednesday. Highlights included working in a factory making shells and aeroplane wings for World War 1 aircraft. The museum tour included looking at how planes used in the first world war differ from those used in the second world war. The tour ended on a high as we were able to go into a real Concorde plane! 

We look forward to sharing some of what we learnt and what we saw in our remembrance assembly in November!

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Another fun week in Year 2!

We have had fantastic time in music this morning where we were looking at whether notes were long and short. We used our new knowledge to write bars of music with four beats to the bar.

img_0454 img_0456

In English we have written our own version of Duckie’s Rainbow and practiced using verbs and adjectives to make our writing more interesting. We have had some wonderful stories including Spiderman’s Rainbow, The Tooth Fairy’s Rainbow and Cheetah’s Rainbow. Some children even used our new Clicker software to write their story!


We have sent the next 15 common exception words for year 2. We realise that spellings can be difficult and boring for children to learn so have talked to children about fun activities they can do at home.

Children could make words into a picture, for example with the word old they could draw the face of someone old in the letter o. They can do pyramid writing such as;


o          l

o         l           d

They could also try doing rainbow writing: o l d, writing in sand. bubble writing or drawing a box around the word so children learn the shape. If you are struggling to support your child with spelling please speak to the class teacher.

In maths children have been learning to recognise what each digit means in a two digit number. For example, in the number 23 the two represents two lots of ten and the three means three lots of one. The maths homework this week will provide the children with an opportunity to consolidate this understanding.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Year 2 Team


Roman Gladiators

We have had great fun this week learning about the Roman Gladiators. We have learnt many facts and have enjoyed presenting them in some exciting ways!

Did you know…

Gladiators were often prisoners of war or slaves!

The Colosseum had secret passageways which would lead to the Gladiator training grounds the Ludus Magnas!

We have been recording diary entries and sports commentaries and also creating advertisement posters!

Video’s to follow…


The Three Little Pigs!

dscf7101 dscf7102 dscf7103 dscf7104 dscf7110 dscf7109 dscf7108 dscf7107 dscf7105 dscf7111 dscf7112 dscf7113 dscf7114 dscf7115 dscf7120 dscf7119 dscf7118 dscf7117 dscf7116 dscf7125 dscf7124 dscf7123 dscf7122 dscf7121 img_4419 dscf7156 dscf7155 dscf7128 dscf7127 dscf7126 img_4420 img_4421 img_4422 img_4429 img_4434 img_4433 img_4432 img_4431 img_4430 img_4466 img_4464 img_4437 img_4436 img_4435We have had another busy week in Year 1! In Maths, the children have been counting forwards and backwards to 10, 20 and even 100! They have shown us how well they can write their numbers from 1-10, 1-20 or 1-100 and have had fun building lego models or peg-board pictures with a particular number of bricks or pegs. They even had a go at photographing the models or pictures themselves! Counting forwards and backwards to 100 and being able to read and write all the numbers from 0 to 100 is one of the most important key skills that we cover in Year 1 and is something that we continue to practise and work on throughout the year. The more counting up and back you can do with your child the better! Rehearse up to 10, 20 or 100 depending on your child and the level of challenge you think they can manage. This doesn’t have to be a formal task! Count steps or stairs whenever you climb them, see how far you can count whilst the bath is running or ask them to count as high as they can (and then back to zero again!) before they watch their favourite TV programme!

In our English sessions this week, we have been looking at the story of the 3 Little Pigs! The children have been learning to re-tell a very funny version of the story, complete with a man who says the straw makes him sneeze and a wolf that yowls very loudly when he falls into the cooking pot at the end! The children have learnt some actions to help them remember the story. Check out our video below! Ask your child to re-tell you part of the story – perhaps you could make up some actions of your own together?

We have also started our science topic, ‘Materials’, this week, linked to the Three Little Pigs. The children have sorted and discussed different items made of wood, plastic, glass, metal and fabric. Have a look around your house and outside and see how many different sorts of materials you can spot. A home-learning sheet has come home with your child today to help you with this activity.

Have fun!



We hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Today we got right back to our learning about the Ancient Egyptians focussing on mummification.  We spent the afternoon learning about the extremely complex process of how the Egyptians prepared their dead.

The children learnt about the different canopic jars used to store the organs and how they used 370 metres of linen to wrap the body!

Check out our amazing mummies!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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This week we have been learning about the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The children have been immersed in lots different versions of the traditional story and many are now confident in retelling the story alongside their teacher or whilst playing in the ‘three bear’s cottage’ (the role play area). We have been using different words to describe size; big, medium, small, biggest, smallest and have drawn pictures to label the cottage.  To enhance our role play we even made Goldilocks curly wigs!

As did the bears, we have gone porridge crazy; not only eating lots of it but playing with and exploring dry and wet porridge outside in the play trays.

More exciting activities linked to the story will happen next week!

The foundation children have been talking about keeping themselves safe with a discussion about road safety. They have talked about how Goldilocks should not have wandered off exploring on her own and about how she may have crossed the road without an adult’s help. Perhaps you could reinforce at home the need for children to hold an adults’ hand when crossing the road and talk about the best places to cross the road when you are out and about.


Reclaimed materials – Thank you for bringing in your reclaimed materials. We have used most of it this week to make beds for the bears and would be delighted to receive more materials

Cooking money – Thank you to those who have paid cooking money this week. We are happy to receive further contributions.

Please find this week and next week’s Home Learning attached below.



Harvest and Maths

This week in maths we have been consolidating place value skills. We have looked at numbers up to 7 digits! We are now getting more confident at identifying the value of each digit. We used this knowledge to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We learnt some handy rules such as: looking at the units to round to ten and the tens to round to hundreds etc.

We have made a video to help you with place value and rounding at home. Enjoy watching some great mathematicians at work!


DSCF5652 from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.


Harvest is soon approaching and we have started to think about our assembly. Please join us on Thursday 20th at 2.30pm. Here is a sneak preview of one of our songs!


DSCF5650 from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.


Another fantastic week in year 6, we have been studying negative numbers in maths and have been writing diaries in English.

Next week on Wednesday 28th, we are going on our trip to the Fleet Air Museum-returning back to school for the end of the day. Please don’t forget your child will need a packed lunch and a drink, they will also need to wear their school jumper, but need to be in practical and comfortable shoes (no heels).


The Year 6 team.