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Vegetable Garden

On Saturday 11th June, a team from Exwick Heights joined forces with a team from Alcoa Howmet (led by employee and parent, Mr Price), to make some raised beds for a new vegetable garden.

The teams started bright and early on Saturday morning by moving heavy wooden sleepers to the grassy bank near the hall, where they were used to construct six raised beds. Next came the task of filling them; many, many wheelbarrows full of soil were pushed up the slope and emptied into the beds. It was quite a workout!

It was a fantastic morning, which resulted in an exciting new teaching and learning area being established. Many thanks to both teams for giving your time and energy to this project; and to Mr Price for working with us at Exwick Heights to set this up, with the support from Alcoa Howmet.

Hindu week and Mr Benn

We have had another busy week in Year 1. In literacy, we have been learning all about the ‘Mr Benn’ stories – the man in the top hat who puts on a costume and disappears through a door that leads to magical adventures! (you may remember him from your childhood!). The children have watched lots of Mr Benn stories and have had a go at predicting what may happen next, as well as designing their own setting for him. Next week, we will be writing the story of Mr Benn and the Red Knight and making some Mr Benn moving pictures as part of our DT.

In maths, we have been counting and ordering numbers up to and beyond 100 – tricky stuff. Next week we will be starting to look at multiplication – in Year 2 the children will need to know their tables facts off by heart for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, so this will be a good introduction for them.

This week has also been ‘Art Week’ accross the school. We have been looking at Hindu Art in Year 1. The children have learnt all about Rangoli Patterns and had great fun decorating each other’s arms with traditional Mendhi patterns.

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Australia Week

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Home learning for Commotion in the Ocean 2016
G’day! This week we have had an insight into life in Australia.

One of our main focuses has been discovering about Aboriginal art and forming dot paintings. The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the experience. Boomerangs have also been decorated with dotty patterns.

We have sung songs about indigenous animals such as kangaroos and koalas and discussed the need to look after ourselves in the sun. We even had a visit from Finnegan’s dad who talked with us about life in Australia.

Our week has been full of physical activities. Both the Nursery and Reception sports days were a great success and were very well attended – thank you so much for your support. Premier Sports have also been running gymnastic sessions for us.

We will be doing junk modelling next week so any clean containers that you are able to donate will be gratefully received. Thank you.

Next week our book focus will be Commotion in the Ocean and this is reflected in our Home Learning; although if your children are inspired to write or draw about their learning on Australia, then that would also be great!

Drumming with Ms Willett

This week all of the year 2 children have been able to do an hour long drumming workshop with Ms Willett. They explored the differences between hand drums and kit drums. The children had to watch Ms Willett to know how fast or slow or how loud or quiet to play their instruments. The children really enjoyed their workshop and it made them think carefully about playing their part when another group were playing to a different beat. At the end the children were able to have a go at a full drum kit – we definitely have some up and coming drummers among the year group!

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Little Geographers – Big Projects

Hello All,

We have been so impressed by the Year Three children’s geography projects so far. The range of ideas and rivers studied has been so varied and the children are all so excited. If your child hasn’t started their project yet, here is a website that comes highly recommended.

This home-learning should take around half an hour per week – have fun and do come and see one of us if your child needs any support.
The Year Three Team