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Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus!

Home Learning Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus

Our theme this week has been about dinosaurs. As well as lots of ‘roaring’ with dinosaur small world play, there has been much dancing and acting as dinosaurs with inspiration from this week’s book ‘Dinosaurumpus’.

We have been teaching our palaeontologists how to carefully search for dinosaur skeletons. The children (and the adults!) have learnt to pronounce the tricky names of the dinosaurs that were found.

We hope you all have a happy half term and enjoy working with your child on the ‘creating a dinosaur’ home learning.

If you are looking for something to do there is a dinosaur fossil hunt on Paignton beach Sunday 29th May from 11am – 3pm. Also there are dinosaur celebrations at Torquay’s Dinosaur world. Details can be found on their Facebook page.

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DT Moving Monsters

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Year 4 have been designing and making their own monster toys in DT this week.  We had lots of fun using pneumatic systems to give our models a moving part!


Devon County Show

Yesterday, Year 5 had a brilliant day at the Devon County Show. The day started with brilliant sunshine and even though we had a couple of heavy showers after lunch it certainly did not spoil our day. Year 5 would like to thank Mrs Slaven for organising the day and also all the adults who helped make the day a great success.



The Gingerbread Man (week 2)

In our role play area this week we have made and designed props that have enabled us to retell the story of The Gingerbread Man. This has been thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We have seen many foxes that have happily pretended to eat the Gingerbread Man! Subsequently many more Gingerbread biscuits were made and eaten.

We have been thinking this week about how the Gingerbread Man could have crossed the river without the sly fox. The children were very creative in designing boats and enjoyed exploring if they could float and carry a Gingerbread Man.

All the butterflies from each class have now been released into the environment. We have thoroughly enjoyed having them a class pets and everyone is still spotting butterflies as they play – but are they ours?

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Year 1 have a wonderful day at Pennywell!

Well what a fantastic day we all had at Pennywell Farm! Despite the awful forecast, the weather was really kind to us and we  only had a brief shower or two…..the sun even appeared a few times during the day! The children were kept busy all day with the wonderfu school-group leaders at Pennywell. Everyone had a go at milking a goat, holding a rabbit, guinea pig, mouse and rat (some children were even brave enough to put their hoods up and let the rats go on their head!) and stroking a tortoise! We have also bottle-fed lambs, cuddled baby piglets, been pond-dipping and fed the deer! What an amazing amount to squeeze into just over three hours. The Pennywell leaders commented on how sensible and attentive the children were so thumbs up all round! Many thanks to the parent-helpers who came along. Enjoy looking at the photographs – we think your children (and us!) will sleep well tonight!!

Family Workshops – Week 5 RAW – Developing Thinking and Understanding

This weeks session focused on discussions surrounding boundaries and rewards. As a group we talked about some of the difficulties we encounter when we set these and some techniques to support this process such as lending our “thinking” brain to children to help support this process. The children joined us for the second part of the session and the craft table proved a firm favourite again.

Week 4 – RAW – Feeling Good

This week we spent time looking at the importance of self esteem on children and the impact this can have on many aspects of their life. We then spent some time enjoying some activities with our children and then doing some massaging to silly stories that the children loved.

The Gingerbread Man (week 1)

Home Learning Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man

Our key text for this 2 week block is the much loved story about the Gingerbread Man. As well as quickly learning the key phrases of the story, we have also quickly eaten over 100 gingerbread biscuits (not each).

The role play area has been transformed into the old lady’s kitchen and many ginger play dough people have been designed and baked.

We have been using actions to retell tell the story and learn it off by heart. Have a go at watching the video and signing along (Miss Middlemost was concentrating very hard!)

Gingerbread Man signed story final from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

Another exciting event this week has been the appearance of butterflies in some classes. Those caterpillars were very speedy growers indeed having completed their transformation from caterpillar to butterfly in less than 5 weeks!


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Water, water, everywhere!

This week in Year 1, we have had fun with capacity! We have been splashing around in the water trays, filling pots whole, half and a quarter full and  counting how many bowls, scoops or cups it takes to fill a larger pot. Perhaps you and your child could play in the garden with some water in the sunny weather? Find lots of different shaped bottles and containers and see which one holds the most and the least water. You could introduce them to the terms millilitres and litres – look at labels on different sized-bottles and line them up in order of how much they hold. We will be returning to look at this in more detail in a few weeks time.

In our Literacy sessions, we have been hard at work writing the story of ‘Otherwise’!

Geography this week has been all about the world! We have learnt the names of each of the seven continents…. and some of us know the five oceans as well! Chat to your children about the different continents and the countries within them. Perhaps you could borrow an atlas or a book about a particular country or continent from the local library?

Next week, we have our Pennywell Farm trip on Wednesday! The children will bring home a list on Tuesday of the things that they will need to bring.

Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

The Year 1 Team

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