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Jack and the Beanstalk (week 2)

We have continued to enjoy retelling this story. Our role play area became the giant’s kitchen and we have heard many cries of ‘Fe-fi- fo- fum’.

For cooking this week, we baked giant size and Jack size biscuits which were very popular.

Our garden area is beginning to take shape with many containers being planted with seeds. We would still appreciate any donations of compost. Thank you.

As well as growing beans in class we received 5 little visitors on Friday. These tiny creatures will be our class pets for a few weeks. Perhaps you could find out from your child what these creatures are?

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First full week back for the summer term and year 5 have been VERY busy!
We are back into the swing of things with all our subjects – one particular area that we are enjoying is starting our new topic Africa.
We will be deciding what we want to learn about the continent and then directing our topic wherever it will take us…
Here are some photos of us researching prior misconceptions of Africa…IMG_2124















Animal dance

This morning we explored different ways of moving, joining movements with spins and jumps and teaching others our fantastic moves.

Can you tell who is being a giraffe, a monkey, a tiger or a snake?


Time, direction and signs of Spring

What a great start to the new term Year 1 have had! In Maths, we have been exploring position and direction, learning our left from our right and using 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and whole turns. We programmed Bee-Bot to move in certain directions and and had a go at directing each other, in the classroom and out in the playground. We have also been continuing to practise telling the time, extending our knowledge to half past, quarter past and quarter to. Please continue to rehearse these skills with your child at home.

In Literacy, we have been learning how to expand sentences to make them more interesting and making sure that ALL our writing has capital letters and full stops in the right places. We have also explored  directional words such as in front of, next to, outside, inside, behind and in front.

The United Kingdom has been a focus for our topic work this week! We looked at maps of the world, Europe and the United Kingdom and learnt the names of the four countries that make up the UK. Some of us may even be able to remember the capital cities of these countries – quiz us and see!

This week, Year 1 also enjoyed a lovely walk down to the nature area to look for ‘signs of Spring’! The cherry tree planted in memory of Mr Pimblett, one of our fondly remembered old teachers, is now in full bloom and looks beautiful.

Please can you ensure that your child has a water bottle in school every day…..and if the weather should by any chance improve, they will need a hat and sun-cream.

Many thanks for your continued support – The Year One Team

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Family Workshop RAW

On Wednesday we started a new round of Family Workshops in RAW. The first part of the session focused on the topic of “Being Special” and offered some information and suggestions on aspects of this topic. After a short break the children joined us to play and work on some of the aspects covered in the first part of the session. We look forward to seeing you all next week and if any other parents in RAW would like to join us please come along this Wednesday, 9am in the Yellow Room.

Jack and the Beanstalk (week 1)

Jack and the Beanstalk

We hope that you are all well and had a brilliant Easter break. The children have certainly returned raring to go and wanting to recount tales from their adventures to nearby places and far off distant shores!

Over the next two weeks, we are focussing on how to grow plants. The inspiration for this has come from the text ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

We have created a garden centre and were not only able to stock our shelves by creating flowers with craft materials; we also learnt how to open many seed packets in under two minutes and empty their contents out on the table! We have used the packets to name lots of different flowers and vegetables and discuss how and where different plants grow.

We have, and will be setting up, bean experiments to see who can grow beanstalks to go giant hunting. The children are predicting under which condition the seeds will grow. Come and have a look at the experiment in your child’s class.

We were kindly donated some seeds (kept out of the children’s reach) and we have been busy in our garden digging the soil over and planting them. What will happen next?

Next week we will be creating a beanstalk and the giant’s castle. What will happen next… just wait and see!


Do you have any unwanted bags of compost at home or very robust garden ornaments that you no longer require? If so, we would gratefully receive these. Thank you

HL Jack and the Beanstalk


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Year 6 15/4/16

In year 6, we are preparing for SATs, we are revising throughout the week, especially on Fridays. In Science, we have started to look at the Theory of Evolution. We have finally been told what the Yr6 Production is and soon you will find out.