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Red Badge Treat

For the Year 2 Red Badge Treat the children got to go on an Easter egg hunt in the nature area. Mrs Amos and Miss Gibbs hid lots of colourful eggs for the children to find. Some were very tricky to find and needed some ‘warmer’ and ‘colder’ instructions from adults and friends. There were 3 special golden eggs that were hidden for each class to find.

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Ben finally found the last egg!

The three lucky golden egg finders!


For part of Homework over the Easter holidays we are giving you a challenge to try and find unusual places to read……

download (1) download (2) download images

We are looking forward to seeing what places you find!

The Little Red Hen (week 2)

Home Learning Spring break diary

What a fantastic last week of term we have had. We have been getting excited for Spring with bunnies hopping around outside collecting and counting eggs. We have also been collaging Easter Chicks using feathers and scrunched tissue paper. Following on from our Little Red Hen Story, we have been tasting different breads from around the world which we really enjoyed. Lots of us loved the garlic bread and bread sticks!

We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and look forward to seeing everyone back again for the Summer Term.

Foundation Team 🙂

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Babies, Plants and Sports Relief!

We’ve had another busy week in Year 1! In our Science, we have planted sunflower seeds and talked about what plants need to grow. We also had a visit from the Devon Recycling Team on Monday, who talked to us about how to make compost from our fruit and vegetable peelings.

In RE, we have been learning about Christenings. We enjoyed sharing photographs and special memorabilia from home and had a go at baptising a baby (not a real one, obviously!)

This Friday, we have loved coming to school in our sports kits and enjoyed a sunny morning session outside playing with the bikes and scooters. After break, we joined the Year Six children to complete our sports relief mile on the field. We all ran several laps and felt very worn out! Well done children – hopefully you will sleep well tonight!

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Anglo-Saxon adventure

Last week Year 5 had a fantastic trip back in time! We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Escot
and got to experience what it was like to live in Saxon times. We had a fun packed day which included foraging for food, meeting rare breeds of animals and working hard at the daily tasks of the Anglo- Saxon village. The staff at Escot commented on how well behaved the children were and we are now looking forward to our next day out!


The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen

This week’s text, The Little Red Hen, emphasises the importance of helping each other and making bread, so this has also been our weekly focus.

We have encouraged the children to help each other, to take turns, cooperate and show kindness to everyone as well as helping the adults to tidy the unit; the latter was quite a challenge! Some of us worked in partners to make a model together and you can see us looking really proud in the attached photos.

In the home role play area we have even had and used play dough to make a variety of dinners, cakes and biscuits. We have also made and eaten around 80 bread rolls; enjoying watching the dough rise and stretching and pulling it. For Sports Relief today, football shaped rolls were made for our snack.

We have had many discussions around the reasons for having Sports Relief and who we can help. The Sports Relief charity published a pack about a five year old girl from Bangladesh and we have discussed the differences in her life compared with our own. Even the youngest of our children were thoughtful and compassionate.

Sports Relief day has been great fun. We have taken part in many physical activities from obstacle courses, dancing and participating in an aerobics session created by the Year 6 children. Well done guys!


Just a few reminders:

Outdoor Toys/equipment after school.

The outside equipment at the side of the building are not to be used after school, thank you.


As we are in a period of assessment there will be no home learning this week.

Please do continue to practice counting on and back to 20 as well as reading and writing the tricky words.

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Physics Trip

The REACH group recently entered a competition run by a national Physics association, SPIE.  The children were invited to think about what they already know about light and come up with some questions that they think they might be able to answer via scientific experimentation.

Mrs Cronin was thrilled to be informed that six of the group had designed questions that the Physics Department at Exeter University thought they would be able to help the children to answer using some of the University equipment.

The winning questions were:

Can moonlight be as strong as sunlight?  by Haidee

Can light be made to go around solid objects? by Daria

How do you measure the speed of light?  by Vakare

Why are so many things that produce light also warm or hot?  by Faith

How and why does light shone  at a triangular prism produce a rainbow? by Hannah

How does light create the colour spectrum on a CD or DVD? by Mia

On Wednesday 16th March these six children along with Lucas, Zack, Raghav and Mrs Cronin went to the Physics building on the university campus.  We all had the most wonderful day.  We performed experiments, had a tour of the department and were given a talk about the different areas of Physics being studied at the University.  And, as an extra treat and finale to a fascinating day, the children watched strawberry ice-cream being made: not with an ice-cream maker or freezer but with liquid nitrogen!  The resultant ice-cream was delicious.


To round off our China topic we have made spring rolls and linked it to our work in English writing instructions.

IMG_0266 IMG_0201

We have enjoyed using the topic books to increase our knowledge of China. IMG_0255

We have used chopsticks to pick up buttons, objects and to try and eat fruit! It took a lot of practicing!

IMG_0245 IMG_0269 IMG_0256