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The Naughty Bus (week 2)

Whilst having ‘transport’ as our theme and continuing our focus on the Naughty Bus story, we took the opportunity to create the Exwick Heights’ garage. Cars and bikes have had MOTs, vehicles have been banged and tapped, nuts and bolts have been ‘sorted’ and many customers have sat patiently in the waiting room perusing comics! The garage has been very popular with all children although staff did not bring their cars in to be checked! J

Other activates this week have included hunting for missing buses, baking rock buns, measuring how far vehicles travel after being launched through tubes, using tin-foil to explore reflections and paint on and unconventional vehicles have been designed from reclaimed materials. We also used Numicon to make double decker buses and looked at the pairs that could be used to make different numbers.


Next week, we are going to be exploring and learning about the Chinese New Year festival. We are in need of egg boxes to help us create some dragon heads. If you have any, please could they come to school on Monday.

Thank you

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Friday 29th January 2016

An update from year 6. In maths we have been looking at ratio and proportion: its similar to fractions. Also, in English we have been looking at poetry- inspired by our new book Cloud Busting. Street dance in PE, is good at helping our teamwork; Ethan had a humorous wave- it was quite funny!  In music we have been learning the tonic- sol- far and octaves.


Loop Pedal Poem

For a few weeks 5BW have had Mr Walker teaching them on Thursday afternoons. He has been introducing them to all his musical talents, including the ‘loop pedals’. Here are the class performing their own poem using the loop pedal. (They only had half an hour to practice before performing).


MVI_0857 from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

Building and Making Moon Buggies

This week we have had our first taste of ‘Design Technology’ (DT), designing and making moving vehicles! We have enjoyed following the adventures of Tim Peake in space recently and lots of us watched the CBeebies ‘Stargazing’ series at home last week……so we decided to make our theme for the moving vehicles, ‘Moon Buggies’! We learnt all about the difference between a fixed and a moving axle and were shown different ways of attaching axles to boxes and wheels to axles. Our designs were carefully considered and drawn out on Wednesday and on Thursday we all had a go at making! The biggest challenge was finding stoppers that kept the wheels securely on the axis….. blue tac did a pretty good job of this in the end! We had great fun decorating our finished buggies and adding pods and telescopes etc so that the astronauts inside them could see where they were going! On Friday morning, we all headed to the hall for the Year 1 Grand Prix! Heats were run within each class, the winners raced each other and a final champion (Alexander Knockton, Class 1JM) was crowned. The children then evaluated their moon buggies. They fulfilled their design specification if a) it moved along by itself and b) it didn’t fall apart during the race. Well done all!…..although I’m not sure I’ll be catching a lift any time soon!

The Naughty Bus (week 2)

The Naughty Bus

Travelling by bus has been a big part of our role play area this week. The story of the Naughty Bus focusses on the journey of a toy bus that gets into all sorts of dilemmas with the help of his human friend.

Although made of bricks, our bus has had many drivers and passengers and has been on numerous journeys from Exmouth to the Jurassic world. Tickets have been written, distributed and punched whilst ‘stop’ and ‘go’ signs have been made and used to control the traffic.

In the story the bus zooms through a plate of baked beans. However, we decided not to play with the beans (yet!) but we did have them for snack on toast. They were very popular.

Also we have created maps and routes through towns, built tall buildings with bricks, designed various vehicles from reclaimed materials, made tyre track patterns from paint and even explored floating and sinking by making our own boats.

On Monday this week, Reception had a visit from James at the recycling centre who talked to us about how we should try to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste. We all enjoyed making instruments with recycled items.

Thank you for all the donations of reclaimed materials, envelopes and party resources. Any more items would be gratefully received.

We are getting through the cooking money so thank you to all those who have already paid the £3 donation this term.

Home learning for the Naughty Bus

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Family Workshop – Week 3 RSM

Today’s workshop focused on the importance of play with our children and the differences between the play we experienced as children and what play looks like for our children today. We also spoke about the huge benefits play has on our emotional literacy, skills for learning, creativity and physical health. Our children joined us for the second half and we played some joint games before engaging in child led play, the gloop was a very popular addition this week.

Family Workshops – Week 2 RSM

This weeks session focused on “The Brain and Behaviour.” We explored the aspects of the triune brain, dysregulation and  calming and soothing. We then rounded up the session with some free play involving hand printing, den building and story time.

Birds and Birthdays!

This week we have been busy writing our own ‘It’s My Birthday’ stories, based on the book we read and memorised together last week. Some of us wrote about the things we would need at a party, such as hats, music and disco lights! Others focused on party food, writing about sausage rolls, pizza, jelly and ice-cream! All very delicious.

In Maths, as well as rehearsing our number bonds and finding different ways of adding several numbers, we have been starting to learn about measure. We had great fun measuring each other and putting our height strips in order and some of us have even been getting to grips with using proper rulers, measuring in centimetres!

In ‘other news’ we all enjoyed our first PE session on Tuesday with the Premier Sport coaches. Please make sure that your child’s full PE kit is named and in school every day.

In Science, we have been learning about birds. On Wednesday, each class made several bird feeders and hung them on the trees outside the classroom. We are hoping that we get lots of small feathery visitors over the next few weeks, enjoying our bird seed. Bird feeders are really easy to make – you could have a go at home with your child and hang it out in your garden! Drizzle a stick with honey, sprinkle it with (or roll it in) bird seed and hang it on a nearby tree or bush. Let us know how you get on.

Reminder please for boxes and other ‘junk’ materials for our DT project next week.

Many thanks and good wishes – the Year One Team