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Music in Year 3 this week!

We have all enjoyed another great week in Year 3 and are excited for our Kent’s Cavern trip next week!

This week, we linked our Stone Age topic with music by putting sounds to our favourite book Mammoth Pie. We focused on pitch and volume with a range of different instruments and linked the sounds to the action on each page. Groups were then invited to present their compositions to the class. We were more than impressed!



MVI_1411 from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

MVI_1412 from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

MVI_1418 from Exwick Heights on Vimeo.

Ancient Greeks

Year 5 is continuing to learn more about the Ancient Greeks. This week we learnt that 4000 years ago Greece was split in different city states. The most powerful of these were Athens and Sparta. In groups we researched the differences and similarities between each state. If you liked the Arts then Athens might have been the place for you. If you lived in Sparta and were a boy you trained hard to be a fighting machine!



Next week we are going to be making our own Greek clay pots. The Ancient Greeks were very talented potters and we learnt a lot about Greek life by looking at the the Art and patterns they used to decorate their work. We have created our own designs.




Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Welcome to week one of the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three bears’. This week the children have been immersed in many different versions of the traditional story. Many children are now confident in retelling the story alongside their teacher or whilst playing in the ‘three bear’s cottage’ (the role play area). We have been using different words to describe size; big, medium, small, biggest, smallest.  We have also sung several songs linked to the story.

As did the bears, we have gone porridge crazy; not only eating lots of it but playing with and exploring dry and ‘gooey’ wet porridge outside in the play trays.

More exciting activities linked to the story will happen next week!

The foundation children have been talking about keeping themselves safe and road safety. They have talked about how Goldilocks should not have gone off exploring on her own. Perhaps you could reinforce at home the need for children to hold an adults’ hand when crossing the road and talk about the best places to cross the road when you are out and about.

We have received some lovely, positive feedback from parents about our blog. Additionally we have also thoroughly appreciated the time and care taken with home learning.

Thank you for taking the time to comment; we’re glad you like it!

Here is the home learning for this week: HL for Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

IMG_0111 IMG_0124 IMG_3520 IMG_3888 IMG_3951 IMG_3998 IMG_3999 P9210001 (2) P9210004 (2) P9230003 P9230007 (3) P9230010 (2)

Materials, Shapes and the Big Bad Wolf!

We have had a lovely week in Year 1, getting to grips with the story of the 3 Little Pigs. Each class has made up their own actions to assist them in re-telling the story and we have enjoyed reading several different versions of the book. We have built houses out of lego, duplo, wooden bricks and junk and made our own stick puppets of the main characters so that we can practise telling the story with a friend. We will continue with this focus next week……our role play area is being transformed into a ‘construction site’ as we speak!….

In ICT (computers), we practised drawing shapes and some of us even created our own houses for the pigs on the screen! Materials is our focus for science: we explored lots of different objects and sorted them into groups such as rough, smooth, rigid and flexible. You may like to continue to explore these

and other words – such as transparent and opaque – with your child at home.

In maths, we have had great fun learning more about 3D shapes. Thank you for all the ‘real life’ objects that you sent in. Encourage your child to continue to identify shapes such as cuboids, cubes, cylinders and spheres out and about (particularly in the supermarket!) or around the house.

Next week in Maths, we will be looking at addition. Perhaps you could play a simple board game at home? Can they throw two dice together and add up the total? Have fun!

Stone Age Man and Cave Painting


We have had a wonderful start to the new term and our first topic is ‘Stone Age Man’. Over the past two weeks Year 3 children have been learning about pre-historic humans and have researched all kinds of interesting things about living life in the stone age! Here are some photos of their fabulous art work, the children got to experience being a stone age man or woman and create their very own cave painting! The paintings were then used to write some brilliant stone age stories.

We are all so excited to visit some real pre-historic caves at Kent’s Cavern next week!

Balloon Pop

6BP created their very own balloon popping games using the Scratch Editor. Scratch is a programming language that has been created to help children understand programming concepts. You can play the basic game below, although 6BP were much more creative by adding backgrounds and decorating their balloons in all sorts of different ways! Some children were also able to add a points scoring system and a timer. The game works by accessing your webcam. You pop the balloon by moving your hand over the balloon as it floats around. Have fun playing!

Rugby Relay and Home Learning

This week has seen lots of happy and very settled children continuing with activities related to the second week of The Bear Hunt story.

As well as making scenery and a cave to help us with retelling the story we have cooked and eaten ‘mud’ cake (brownies!), drawn around our hand and arm to make trees for the forest and constructed an obstacle course to go ‘through’, ‘under’ and ‘over’ things.

Thursday brought much excitement as the Rugby World Cup was celebrated within the local IMG_3338 IMG_3351 IMG_3354 IMG_3356 IMG_3357 IMG_3636 IMG_3670 P9170020West Exe schools. We all cheered and waved flags as the children from West Exe School ran all the way to bring us a rugby ball. Two children from each class were then able to run in a relay with the ball as part of the celebrations.

Home Learning is attached with this blog. For reception children, their Home Learning Diary goes home on a Friday to be returned the following Thursday.  Enjoy working with your child on some of the activities and feel free to record in the diaries about how they got on. Nursery parents could write any information on the ‘Moments to Share’ forms.

Home learning…. The Bear Hunt home learning

Rugby and Roald Dahl!

Our second week in Year 1 has sped by extremely quickly! The children have adapted well to the new expectations and routines and we are delighted with the way in which they have settled in.

We started the week by talking about our faces! We wrote sentences about how we are all different to others., drew self-portraits and made some lovely face collages! Thinking about our five senses for science took us on a sound walk around the school and in maths, we made tally charts to compare the number of children in each class who have blue, grey or brown eyes. Some of us then learnt how to put this information onto a bar chart! Clever stuff.

On Thursday, we celebrated ‘Roald Dahl’ Day and began learning about this very famous author. Mrs Phillips’ class made sweet necklaces and played with chocolate play dough, as part of a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory focus, Miss Mallon’s class created some fantastic bendy Enormous Crocodiles and Mrs Duncan / Mrs Mabin’s class stirred up a storm with a mixture…and some very pretty bottles from George’s Marvellous Medicine.

We’ve also had great fun this week joining in the build up to the Rugby World Cup. On Thursday, we joined the rest of the school in the MUGA to cheer on a group of children from West Exe, as they  visited Exwick Heights with a signed rugby ball. Well done to Daisy W and Alfie (1AP), William and Jenny (1JM) and Lucas and Lilia (1DM) for representing Year 1 in the ball-throwing relay  as part of this important event.

Please check your child’s book bag for an important letter from the Year 1 staff that has gone out today (Friday)

Have a lovely weekend!