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Commotion in the Ocean


We have been swimming in and investigating the ocean this week, linking our work to the poetry book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. The children have created an ocean by making many sea creatures using different craft techniques. We made snorkels on Wednesday which caused much amusement.

P6230004 (2) P6230004 P6230003 P6230001

Alongside this work, we have eaten ‘fish in the sea’ (tinned fruit in jelly), been fishing in the water tray and created a boat from big bricks. We had a visitor on Tuesday who spoke to us about the different creatures that live in the sea. We enjoyed exploring what was in her sea shore bag; especially the coral.

IMG_5312 IMG_5318

IMG_5355 IMG_5349 IMG_5331

As Sports Day is looming we have been practising our races and how to run in straight lines! Weather permitting on Tuesday; we should have a great time with the Nursery and Reception Sports Days. Reminders have been sent out with your child but if you did not receive one, then please ask your child’s teacher. Fingers crossed for the sun!

Home learning Word version – Home learning for Commotion in the Ocean part 2

Home learning PDF version – Home learning for Commotion in the Ocean part 2


Passport around the world

Our Geography topic this term is hot and cold countries. We have been learning the names of the 7 continents and finding out about different climates. Our role play area has been transformed into a travel agents and airport. We have all made our own passports and have enjoyed taking lots of fun trips!

flowers 007flowers 009

We have been continuing to use the outside area as part of the Wildlife Trust’s 30 days wild challenge. This week we made bookmarks from leaves and petals which we found in the foundation garden. We found so many different shapes and colours and the results were beautiful.

book marks jm 2book marks jmflowers 003flowers 005

In Maths we have been learning about position, turns and co-ordinates. We created our own treasure maps and plotted features then wrote the co-ordinates.

flowers 012flowers 013flowers 016

Finally, in English we are looking at stories with fantasy settings. We have been watching stories about Mr Benn . We have loved finding out which costume he will choose and where his adventure will take him. Next week we are writing our own stories. Where will your story take you?


Fun with Yo-Yos!

The children have been having fun at break times and lunchtimes learning tricks with their new yo-yos.


What a busy week we have had in Year 3!

We would like to start by thanking you for coming and supporting during Sports Day. The children performed brilliantly and we are all proud of them. We have had lots of positive feedback, thank you.

Also this week, we have been conducting Science investigations. We have been looking at Friction and Magnetism.

Photos will follow.

Next week, we are going to be looking at Rivers during Topic and this links to the homework that was set this week.


Mr. Prosser and the Year 3 Team.

Sunshine, Sea and Sandcastles!

Year 5 had a fantastic time on Thursday when we visited Dawlish Warren. Our trip began with an exciting ride on a double decker bus! The sun was shining and we all admired the Devonshire countryside as we drove past Powderham Castle and the sparkling sea at Starcross. On arrival, we set off towards the nature reserve and split into our class groups. 5LW started off the morning in the ranger’s hut. We learnt about how a sandspit is formed, how waves are made and how sand dunes are formed…..and then often washed away again.

Following this, we joined the other class outside for a lesson all about sea defences. The rangers set up a ‘cliff’ in a large metal tray and put three different houses on the top. The ‘sea’ then continued to pound against the cliffs over a period of time. A tiny ‘sea wall’ was added and we noticed that part of the cliff was made from hard-wearing rock, rather than softer sandstone. Which house would be the first to fall into the sea?! We were glad we weren’t living in it at the time!

5BW then headed into the ranger’s hut and 5LW set off for the beach. We split into teams and were asked to make sandcastles, protected by a range of different sea defences. One group had to make a wall from dry sand and another other from wet sand, One group were asked to build a wall with seaweed and sticks and the remaining two groups constructed different kinds of walls with stones and rocks. The defences were tested with large buckets of sea water! The castles all survived pretty well, considering!

We enjoyed lunch on the grass in the middle of the ‘warren’ and then headed back to the beach to tick off a few more tasks from our ’30 Days Wild’ Challenge: building towers with stones and making some natural art with anything we could find on the beach.

A really fun day was had by all and we learnt a great deal about the power of the sea and the different things experts use to try to control it. This summer, as you head off your own seaside travels, look out for any sea defences you can spot. IMG_1064 IMG_1067 IMG_1075 IMG_1077 IMG_1080 IMG_1082 IMG_1087 IMG_1089 IMG_1093 IMG_1101 IMG_1103 IMG_1102 IMG_1105 IMG_1110 IMG_1112 IMG_1118


The NED Show

Years 2-5 were treated to a spectacular show on Monday containing magic tricks, yo-yo stunts and lots of laughs. The NED Show introduces some important themes through a cartoon character called NED. NED stands for: Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best. These themes were explored in fun and engaging ways and the children were able to participate throughout. They all left the hall with big smiles on their faces!

If you would like to find out more about the NED show or access tutorials on how to perform different yo-yo tricks then please visit their website by clicking here.

School Fete

Our School Fete last week was a fantastic success. We welcomed children, parents, friends and carers on to the school site to enjoy the wide range of activities on offer. These included a raffle with some super prizes, ice cream to cool you down on a hot afternoon, bouncy castles, archery, bric-a-brac stalls, splat the teacher and many more games run by both staff and children. We would like to thank everyone for coming and for our amazing PTA who put so much work in to planning and running the event. We hope you enjoy the photos!