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May Half Term

Dear Year 3 and Parents,

We hope you have enjoyed a lovely sunny half term and are raring to go. We are starting back with a Design Technology unit on levers, making shadow puppets move.

IMG_0840 IMG_0843 IMG_0850 IMG_0851 IMG_0855

Last week, as you can see from the photos the children have been predicting the position of the sun from shadows under trees, inspecting our plant experiment and modelling perpendicular and parallel lines.

We have had great fun! The children have also completed edited copies of their Non-Chronological reports to finish their work on Egyptians. We have really enjoyed this topic and are now moving onto Continents, Capitals and Rivers. If you visit a river, do let us know or send in a photo.

Best wishes

The Year 3 Team.

Devon County Show


Our trip to The Devon County Show was a complete success. The weather was amazing, the children had a stack-full of “freebies” and most importantly we all loved it. My highlight of the day was the motorbike stunt show. Full of flips, turns, crosses, poses, and smiles. One of the best stands was the Newspaper stand. You (for one pound) could get two newspapers, a pack of Burts crisps and so much more. But the most important thing was we all had the best time ever.

The Naughty Bus

‘The Naughty Bus’ has captured our imagination this week. In our very comfy foundation stage bus, we have been on many journeys to places like Crealy, London and the seaside.  In true bus tradition, ours was often late!

P5190019 P5210001 (3) P5190010 P5190017

This story has enabled us to explore many things such as making ‘tall brick buildings’, maps and road ways for vehicles, eating baked beans, having hands in play trays full of baked beans, travelling around an obstacle course , making winches and many more.


We have also released all the butterflies into the school grounds. Everyone was sad to see them go but have many fond memories and gained knowledge of the life cycle of the caterpillar.

IMG_2385  IMG_2861  IMG_2859

Word version of Home Learning – Home learning for the Naughty Bus

PDF version of Home Learning –  Home learning for the Naughty Bus

Have a lovely half term. Let’s hope the weather will be kind to us.

Happy Holiday!

We have had another great week in year 1. We learnt all about capacity and had fun with water and all different sized containers. We measured in litres and millilitres. Next time you open a bottle or can of pop check how much liquid it contains!

We did more dance and this week we came up with actions and routines linked to what we do in the mornings before we go to school. Some of us are very energetic in the mornings!

dance 003

dance 006dance 004

The children have worked really hard this half term and deserve a well earned rest! Enjoy the holiday and don’t forget we return on Tuesday 2nd June.

Fun in the sun at Devon County Show

Year 5 had an AMAZING time at the Devon County Show on Thursday. The sun shone for us ALL day and we were treated to a host of brilliant stalls, interesting displays and best of all……… some fantastic freebies!! The showground is so enormous, it is almost impossible to get around it all in a day. Each group managed to find completely different things to entertain them but here are some of the highlights:
Finger printing in the police tent; winning a whole zoo of soft toys on the teddy bear stall; watching ferret racing and fly-fishing; a motorbike stunt show; stumbling across some VERY large cows; show jumping; large pots of cherries and delicious milkshakes in the food tent; a free bouncy castle; a large ‘bucking broncho’ rugby ball; climbing on board a giant army tank, the BBC listening caravan; meeting Paddington Bear (Mrs Mabin’s personal favourite); joining in with some Morris Dancing (Miss Whiley’s highlight of the day!); learning to shoot in the Army area; making smoothies and fruit kebabs; eating delicious ice-creams. Some of us even saw Princess Anne! A great time was had by all – we cannot wait to return next year.

Habitats and Adaptation

In between working on their Year 2 SAT’s papers this week (which has all gone very smoothly so far), the children have been researching different habitats and how animals are adapted to these.

We had a bit of a hunt around the school for some creatures and found them living in very different places, under rocks, hiding in the walls and even inside the classroom!

The children have also been considering how different animals are adapted to living in their habitats and are putting together their own fact files. They had to decide how to organise their work, choosing either by continent or by habitat and then researching the animals that would live there. Ask them to talk to you about what they have decided to do.


Learning about the Deep Blue…

A huge ‘well done’ must be presented to year 5 this week!

Our topic this term is ‘Our Blue Planet’ which covers many interesting and unusual things…

Two weeks ago year 5 were given the task to research a particular Sea or Ocean. Their job was to find out as much as they could about their Sea/ Ocean including climate; location; habitat; different species; sea states; any exciting stories; and so on.

Today the children presented all their research, sharing it with the rest of year 5!

What a long way they have come since the beginning of year 5!! Excellent presentation skills seen by all, interesting facts shared with everyone and some lovely, clear, decorative posters to support their presentation.

An extra special ‘Well Done’ to Ava, Oliwia, Izzy and Georgia for pulling out all the stops and creating a very informative and entertaining presentation.

Well done Year 5!

IMG_0640 IMG_0639 IMG_0638 IMG_0637 IMG_0635 IMG_0633 IMG_0632


Our book focus this week has been Cinderella where we looked at a variety of different versions. Alongside this text, we have made (and eaten) wedding cake, learnt how to waltz, designed royal crowns, cleaned windows and the role play area with ‘a royal reading area’! There has been lots of dressing up, with Princesses and Princes acting out the story.

DSCN7574 IMG_2666 IMG_2678

P5120017 (2) P5120024 P5120025

Please remember to check the ‘home learning’ all about Cinderella.

Update: The Nursery won the Foundation Stage butterfly race! By Thursday afternoon four beautiful butterflies have emerged from their cocoons. There was a great buzz of excitement, with children informing each other and going to view them. They will be released soon.


Home learning in Word version HL for Cinderella

Home learning in PDF version  HL for Cinderella