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The Lion King


The Walt Disney Lion King project has been underway for five days now and the Year 6s are very excited to be on board with this end of year production. So far the children and staff have collected items from home and started on making elephant bones. To help out, children are contributing things to our Lion King resources box. This box contains things like: newspapers, egg boxes, fake fur, feathers, wood and much much more. Please help by looking out for these things in your homes and spread the word that The Lion King is coming to Exwick!


We would like to say a big thank you and well done to everyone who submitted their ideas for our Sports Wall. It was clear from the many entries we received that children had taken lots of time and effort in creating their designs.  Mrs West, Mrs Coombes and the School Council have been judging the entries and were amazed by the fantastic ideas that the children have come up with. Ideas from lots of the entries will be used on the final wall but three entries have been picked out as the winners of the competition. You can view the winning entries below as well as a photo of everyone who entered standing in front of the wall that is to be transformed!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week each class had 5 little visitors. Have you seen them? They are class caterpillars and, in just 5 days, they have already doubled in size. Some classes have named their pets. You may find a poster about this in class. Keep watching these caterpillars, as in about another week, they will be forming cocoons.


Alongside watching real caterpillars, we have also studied ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We have explored the life cycle of the butterfly, made a variety of caterpillar and butterfly crafts, have tried a range of different fruits and made cupcakes.

(Also our beans have started to grow. We discovered that the seeds need water, light and warmth to enable growth. We have not seen any beanstalks as yet, nor any giants!)

This week’s home learning is in the post below.


Once again we have been exploring the nature trail in the beautiful sunshine. The school pond is now teeming with tadpoles! We have taken out some tadpoles and put them in our own class aquarium. We were careful to use water from the pond and carried them very slowly! Come to 1SD and have a look at how they are changing. You will find more information in the life cycles we drew.


We have enjoyed reading lots of versions of  Jack and the Beanstalk and have learnt the story form a story map. Next week we start writing our own versions of this Traditional Tale. Some of us have started to make a class beanstalk. How tall will it get?! ( we’ll keep you posted!).


Finally, we have all worked hard in Maths. We have been learning about place value and have been breaking numbers down into hundreds ,tens, and units etc. We have been using diennes counting equipment to help us add 2 digit numbers by adding the tens and ones and then putting them together to find the total. Clever stuff!

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Friday 24th April

We have had a fantastic week in Year 3!

We have written diaries, learnt how to tell the time in the 24 hour clock, learnt about Egyptian Gods and have spent time learning the techniques of running and sprinting.

Next week in English, we are looking at Non-chronological Reports (This is like an information book, where you share your knowledge with someone, and no time order is included). Maths – Using and applying the four operations. Science – Plants and in PE we are continuing to learn about techniques in Athletics.


Many Thanks

Year 3 Team

First aid, projects and exploding volcanoes!

It’s been a busy old week in Year 5! On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to take part in a First Aid Workshop, led by two St John’s Ambulance volunteers. We learnt to put each other in the recovery position and practised bandaging severe wounds. It was great fun and we all now feel a lot more confident about about dealing with medical emergencies!IMG_0517 IMG_0513 IMG_0514 IMG_0515 IMG_0516

Thursday was the deadline for our Spring Holiday Projects. We all had the chance to look at and review each others and spent a very enjoyable session learning more about the subjects and hobbies that our classmates are interested in. There was a project on pizza, one on swimming, one on gymnastics, one on ballet, one on the flute, one on the World, one on South West Trains and one on ‘Under the Sea’! We found about Liverpool Football Club, Minecraft, baby development, rabbits, tortoises, the Solar System, the guitar, the USA, France Motorcross…..and a whole host of other, fascinating topics. Olivia in Class BW chose to base her project around volcanoes and even brought in an amazing model of a voclano. On Friday morning, we went out onto the playground to watch her explode her volcano. Wow!

Well done everybody – we loved reading your projetcs and applaud all the work you have put in. Thanks to parents and family members that helped as well!

The Lion King Year 6 Production Begins!

This is an exciting week for year 6 as the announcement was made that ‘The Lion King’ will be this year’s Leaver’s Production.

Starting this week, children will have the opportunity to learn more about theatre performing skills, from the beginnings of script writing, musical directions, set building and choreography to ‘How to deal with after show blues!’

Today, children enjoyed their first workshop and sampled drama and performance skills alongside professional guidance from original actors from The Lion King show (via DVD).

Already, children have shown some superb skills as well as enthusiasm to take on challenging roles and work collaboratively.


Let your imagination free!

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nightoftherabbit_6  setting 4

strange woodland


We are looking at where stories are set and how some are real settings but some are very much imaginary.

Imagine yourself in one of these very unusual settings! What  sort of an adventure might you have there? Can you make up a story to tell using one of these pictures?