Year 5 have mastered area!

This week, Year 5 have mastered calculating the area of compound and irregular shapes in maths with some excellent diagrams to help them. They have shown great determination when faced with a challenging problem and worked extremely hard! 

In our poetry unit, the children have written all sorts of poems this week including a haiku, free verse, list poem with similes and a recount poem. They have enjoyed listening to and creating their own poems, often working well with their peers to generate ideas and count the syllables for the traditional haiku structure. Our favourite part of Cloud Busting so far is when Davey jumps up in assembly and shouts that he’s got ‘Fizzy Feet’.. Can you guess what he means? A great website for reading and listening to poetry is

Some of Year 5 have made an Islamic clay tile from our previous topic, ready to paint next week and everyone has already shown a good understanding of the largest slums around the world and why slums develop. We have had our first taste of Handball and not surprisingly the children have been very competitive! As well as Bollywood dancing, experimenting with levers and pulleys in science, creating codes in computing and constructing sentences in French, the children have considered the importance of other cultures in PSHE.

Miss Woolner was our guest speaker for the week and shared with us lots of photos taken on her trip to Uganda when she volunteered out there. The children were fascinated and a little shocked by the stories she told, how one school had only two teachers  and there was little food or clean water available. 

Finally, a big well done on the reading and Home Learning we are seeing each week!


This week in Year 6…

This week in Year 6, we have discovered a variety of new things! For example, in maths we have learnt the radius (half the diameter) and the diameter (double the radius). As well as this, we have learnt about the circumference of circles. In English, we have been focusing on poetry especially the features of a poem. We have also been learning about how to use semi-colons correctly.
In Art we have been studying Vincent Van Gogh’s famous artwork and have begun to re-create some of his flower paintings. In Science we have discovered how light enables us to see and learnt about refraction and reflection.

We feel like we have made huge progress this week and have been very enthusiastic about our work!

Written by Amelie and Freya.

The Bear Under the Stairs

This week we have been reading ‘The Bear Under the Stairs’ which has had many of us debating whether the boy in the story was imagining the bear or if the bear actually there?!

The children really enjoyed using their sense of smell as we explored ten different ‘smell pots’. The chocolate powder and bath bomb were the favourites. Not many children liked the smell of the tuna and marmite.

In the kitchen, we have been cooking up some delicious scones and many children have become vets in the role play area to look after sick animals. Outside the children have been wearing all weather gear to keep dry as they blow bubbles into the wind, make meals with the soggy pasta in the water tray and practise their balancing skills.

We have been learning how to make our vocabulary grow by using different words for ‘eat’. We have used: chew, munch, wolf, scoff and consume.


Do you have any bandages which you would be happy to donate to our veterinary role play area? If so, please pass them to your class teacher. Thank you.

What’s that coming out of the ground? Is it a fossil?

This week the children have started their dinosaur topic.  They have started to learn about Mary Anning and this week have been excavating to find their own buried treasures.  They were so excited to do this and found fossils and bones as well as other unexpected items.  12:55:01 PM

Early next week your child will be given their part for the production and a letter will follow to inform you about costumes, lines to learn etc.  We are lucky to have a good stock of costumes so we may be able to supply one for you if there is a problem.  Please support your children if they have lines to learn as well as all the opportunities that they will get in school to practise.

A big thank you from the Year 2 team for all the lovely home learning that we are seeing in school.  The children are really proud to share it and your support is appreciated.  

Just a reminder, your child’s reading record should be in school on a Monday to enable your child to receive their ‘Read to Succeed’ ticket.  

Enjoy the sunshine at the weekend!

Exploring materials, special objects and teen numbers.

It has been another busy week in year one full of exploring and asking questions.

In maths we have investigated place value in teen numbers, focusing on using maths talk. the children are gaining confidence when describing the properties of teen numbers as well as using different manipulative to represent them. 

In English we have focused on using adjectives to extend our writing using the “It’s my birthday” text. 

Science has been great fun identifying different materials and grouping them into wood, plastic, fabric and rubber. We have also thought about man-made and natural materials.

In RE we brought in an object that is special to us. We each talked about why the object was special to us. We are looking forward to learning more about the special objects used in the Jewish faith next week.