This week we have gone dinosaur crazy! We’ve been mixing up chocolate ‘swamp’ pudding, creating dinosaur skeleton pictures and role-playing going on a Jurassic journey where we assembled a jeep and used binoculars to find dinosaurs – unfortunately, we didn’t see any but it was fun to use our imaginations!

Other activities this week have included: exploring the Discovery garden in this beautiful weather, writing letters to anyone and everyone (including dinosaurs) and starting to practise the races for our Sports Day.

We were very lucky to have Stacey from the Dog’s Trust on Thursday who came to tell us all about dog safety. She talked about how to keep ourselves safe around dogs we don’t know and what to do if we would like to stroke a dog that does not belong to us. During independent learning, we chatted to Stacey about her dog, Midnight. We all had such a great time – thank you Stacey!

We have been exploring how to make our vocabulary grow and have learnt three new words for ‘think’. These are: ponder, reflect and deliberate.


  • Please could we ask you to bring in any clear, empty plastic bottles for us to use for lava lamp science experiments.
  • Also, we would really appreciate it if you have any clean jam jar lids to be brought in for us to experiment with making musical instruments.

We are missing lots of the clothes that have been sent home when your child has been changed. Please could you check if you have any pants, socks, t-shirts, dresses etc. Also if you have any spare pants and socks that we could use we would be very grateful.

Our signs this week have been ‘dinosaur’ and ‘strong’.  

Supporting mental well-being in year 3

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, Year 3 have been taking part in activities that benefit our mental well-being. These include group games, Drop Everything and Read time, going through our ’10-a-day,’ work on friendships in PSHE and even some Pokemon yoga! We’d love to see some well-being activities that you’re doing at home- send them through to our year 3 email!

In Science, we are loving exploring light and shadow! This week, we discovered how shadows are formed and how the proximity of light impacts the size of the shadow created. In our darkened rooms, the children did a fantastic job ensuring that their investigations were fair and valid, by keeping certain variables the same and repeating their investigation to check the results! Using metre sticks to accurately measure the shadow sizes will be really helpful for our next Maths topic too!

Year 4 Blog- including Aquarium trip photos.

Since Easter, Year 4 have on a school trip to Plymouth Aquarium. We took part in a workshop about coral from around the world where we learnt about sea temperature, salinity and ph levels. We also learnt about the dangers to coral and the creatures living in the sea.

At the Aquarium, we saw lots of different marine animals including sharks, sting rays, starfish, eels, octopi, jellyfish, turtles, clown fish, puffer fish, crabs and a range of tropical fish. All of year 4 enjoyed the trip, learnt lots about the sea and would love to go again. It will help us learn more about our Australia topic.

In maths we have been learning about money and have just started our new topic on statistics. In English, we have continued preparing to write an animal story and in science we have started our topic of living things and their habitats.

Dino-riffic week!

The children have been extremely busy this week working on their art and topic about dinosaurs. They have made interesting fact files and are working towards their final art piece with lots of practice of drawing different dinosaur parts.

We’ve been really impressed with the trips to Lyme Regis and the home learning generally. Keep it up!